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A generator includes a stationary portion and a rotating portion. The stationary portion includes a main armature winding and the rotating portion includes a main field winding a main field rotating power converter that selectively controls current supplied to the main field winding.

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A power conversion system comprises: a source of multiphase high frequency alternating current (AC) electrical input power; a high frequency controlled magnetics transformer for each phase of the multiphase high frequency AC input power, with each transformer having a primary winding coupled to its ...

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A method of generating and controlling power for an alternating current (AC) motor by means of at least one controlled permanent magnet machine (PMM) with a permanent magnet (PM) rotor and a stator with a magnetic flux diverter circuit for controlling the output of the PMM, comprises the steps of: r ...

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A method of electromechanical energy harvesting includes sensing electrical current generated by relative movement of a coil and a magnetic flux source produced by movement of a cantilevered beam in response to ambient vibration energy, determining a vibration characteristic of the ambient vibration ...

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A dual generator system includes a main generator and an auxiliary generator. The main generator generates at least a first phase main output and a second phase main output. The auxiliary generator generates at least a first phase auxiliary output and a second phase auxiliary output, wherein the fir ...

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An electromagnetic control for the landing gear of an aircraft includes a hub to be fixed to a frame of an aircraft landing gear. A rotor rotates with a tire on the aircraft landing gear. Permanent magnetic disks are associated with the rotor, and interspersed with disks on the hub. Some of the disk ...

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A power semiconductor module includes an insulating substrate with a conductive circuit layer attached to one side and a baseplate attached to the other side. A power semiconductor device is attached to the conductive circuit layer. The conductive circuit layer and the baseplate are formed of a mate ...

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A controller for an electric actuator includes a reference model that generates position and speed reference signals in response to a position command signal and employs a feed forward model that accounts for dynamic loading of the electric actuator. The feed forward model receives the position and ...

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A permanent magnet machine (PMM) has a generally cylindrical permanent magnet (PM) rotor that has multiple PM rotor poles arranged around a rotor axis of rotation; and a stator with two generally cylindrical and concentric yokes, an inner yoke proximate the PM rotor with associated multiple inner po ...

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An electromagnetic door lock assembly (30) includes a first portion (32) supported relative to hoistway doors (22) and a second portion (34) supported for movement with an elevator car (24). The first and second portions cooperate so that electromagnetic interaction between them unlocks a set of hoi ...