Ian Robert Young, Michael Burl: Marker for magnetic resonance imaging. Picker International, Timothy B Gurin, John J Fry, April 7, 1998: US05735795 (23 worldwide citation)

A marker and probe for use in magnetic resonance imaging includes a vial for insertion within the body. The vial contains a material having a spin-lattice relaxation time less than that of the material of the body in a region being imaged. A coil arrangement having at least one coil tuned to the fre ...

Ian Robert Young, James Michael McNally: Imaging systems. Picker International, T B Gurin, J J Fry, October 20, 1998: US05823960 (17 worldwide citation)

An imaging system produces an image of an internal part of an object and a representation of a tool, which representation corresponds to the position of the tool with respect to the actual object. An imaging apparatus defines an examination region. After an image of the object is obtained, the objec ...

Ian Robert Young: Imaging using a contrast agent. Picker International, Timothy B Gurin, John J Fry, April 17, 2001: US06219572 (12 worldwide citation)

When imaging a region of a patient using a contrast agent, for example in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus including a superconducting magnet


Gosta J Ehnholm, Ian Robert Young: Magnetic resonance imaging. Picker International, John J Fry, April 2, 2002: US06366092 (8 worldwide citation)

In magnetic resonance imaging apparatus having a resistive electromagnet with a bore

Michael Charles Keogh Wiltshire, Ian Robert Young: Screens for RF magnetic flux. Marconi Optical Components, Catherine M Voorhees, Venable, July 27, 2004: US06768051 (6 worldwide citation)

Microstructured materials which can be tuned to a particular range of r.f. frequencies to display particular magnetic permeabilities have been proposed. A typical material is made of an array of capacitive elements e.g. spirals or rolls of conducting material on a non-conducting substrate. These mat ...

Ian Robert Young, Michael Burl: Magnetic resonance methods and apparatus. Picker International, T B Gurin, J J Fry, October 13, 1998: US05819737 (4 worldwide citation)

A flexible catheter or other object for insertion into an object is designed for use in connection with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging techniques. The catheter carries a closed loop coil arrangement tuned to the RF excitation frequency used in operation of an MR imager. The coil arrangement include ...


Ian Robert Young, John Frederick Eastham: Magnetic resonance pre-polarization apparatus. Picker International, John J Fry, Thomas M Lundin, August 14, 2001: US06275039 (3 worldwide citation)

Interventional MRI imaging leads to the development of open magnets such as for example C-magnet

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