Horn Kurt: Support for light automatic firearms. Heckler & Koch, September 28, 1971: US3608852 (10 worldwide citation)

A tripodlike support for automatic firearms comprises a frame incorporating two divergent tubes coupled at one end by means of an angle member which member and the ends of the two tubes are provided with pivot mountings for legs which are adapted to fold to a compact structure. The legs are mounted ...

Horn Kurt: Stand for light firearms. Heckler & Koch, November 21, 1972: US3703123 (2 worldwide citation)

A stand for light firearms is substantially in the form of a tripod and includes a firearm support one end of which is connected to the stand by means of a universal joint, and the other end of which is pivotally connected to one end of a vertical strut the other end of which is supported by a devic ...

Horn Kurt, Muller Walter, Schneider Adolf: Machine-gun mounting.. Heckler & Koch, August 6, 1980: EP0013897-A1

Die Erfindung betrifft eine Lafette zur Aufnahme leichter Maschinenwaffen, mit einer Oberlafette (2) mit Vorrichtungen zum lösbaren Befestigen der Waffe (23) an einer Halterung, mit einer Unterlafette (1) mit einem Drehring (5), der an einem Fahrzeug anzubringen ist, so dass die Oberlafette (2) mit ...



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