Jeffrey A Graham, Cindy Ludwig, Muhammad Anzar, Kathleen S Crowley, Bradley Didion, Gary Durack: Inguran, Cindee R Ewell, Ryan Christensen, January 7, 2014: US08623658

A method of cryopreserving sperm cells which may include cooling the quantity of sperm cells to a holding temperature, maintaining the sperm cells substantially at the holding temperature for a period, and supercooling the sperm cells by cooling the sperm cells at a first cooling rate to a temperatu ...

Gary Durack, Muhammad Anzar, Cindy Ludwig, Jeffrey A Graham, Kathleen S Crowley, Bradley Didion: Inguran, Cindee R Ewell, Ryan Christensen, December 31, 2013: US08617904

A method of processing animal sperm cells that includes: collecting sperm cells from a male animal; sorting the sperm cells to obtain a quantity of sperm cells having a desired characteristic, the quantity of sorted sperm cells being contained in a first volume of fluid having a first concentration ...

Bradley Didion, Whitney Erwin, Reiner Bleher: Michael Best & Friedrich, December 9, 2010: US20100311059-A1

Disclosed are sperm cells or embryos comprising a labeled oligonucleotide bound to a gender-specific repeat sequence. Methods for separating sperm cells or embryos containing a labeled oligonucleotide from sperm cells not containing the labeled oligonucleotide produce gender-enriched sperm cell frac ...