Luc Brandts, Erik M M Voorbraak, Gerrit Hendrik Smit: Dynamic risk structure creation systems and/or methods of making the same. BWISE, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, January 29, 2019: US10192356

A governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) computer system is provided that includes at least one processor, a user input device, and a storage system that stores meta-model. The meta-model includes at least one process element, a plurality of dynamic risk elements, and a plurality of dynam ...

Hidehito Tsujii: Humidity sensor device arranged in a choke portion of an internal combustion engine intake air passage. DENSO CORPORATION, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, January 29, 2019: US10190551

A sensor device is disposed in an intake passage through which intake air flows to an internal combustion engine. The sensor device includes a humidity sensor that generates a signal according to a humidity of the intake air flowing through the intake passage. A choke portion is defined in the intak ...

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An imidazoline compound, a mobility control system, a plugging agent for gas channeling, and a method for carbon dioxide flooding. The structure of the imidazoline compound is represented by formula (1), in which R is pentadecyl, heptadecenyl, or heptadecyl. A mobility control system that contains t ...

Eugene Alletto Jr: Pillow with gusset of open cell construction. Bedgear, Sorell Lenna & Schmidt, January 29, 2019: US10188228

A pillow is provided herein which includes a cover having opposing first and second panels. A gusset perimetrically bounds, and joins, the first and second panels. The gusset is formed of an open cell construction. Compliant fill material is disposed within the cover. Advantageously, with the subjec ...




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A high-average-power OPCPA amplifier comprising a pump laser, a signal laser, and a nonlinear crystal amplifier. The pump laser includes an Nd:YVO4 laser oscillator-regenerative amplifier, an Nd:YAG boost amplifier, a frequency-doubling convertor, and a frequency-tripling convertor. The signal laser ...

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Methods of operating an audio device are provided. A method includes measuring sound pressure levels (SPLECM) for acoustic energy received by an ear canal microphone (ECM) during a time increment Δt and calculating a SPL_DoseΔt during the time increment Δt using SPLECM.