Darryl G Walker: Package including a plurality of stacked semiconductor devices, an interposer and interface connections. January 8, 2019: US10177121

A system can include a first semiconductor device, a second semiconductor device and a first semiconductor memory device. The first semiconductor device can include a first capacitor having first and second capacitor nodes that each include at least one essentially vertically formed conductive porti ...

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A system includes a waste heat recovery heat exchanger configured to heat a heating fluid stream by exchange with a heat source in a crude oil associated gas processing plant; and a modified Goswami energy conversion system. The modified Goswami energy conversion system includes a first group of hea ...

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A method of preparing a metal-doped zeolite catalyst with a modified topology (e.g. a pillared zeolite or a delaminated zeolite), and a method of using thereof in a process for converting an alkyl-aromatic hydrocarbon stream to BTX (benzene/toluene/xylene), wherein an enhanced pore topology in the m ...

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Examples described herein describe a battery charger for a transaction card. According to some implementations, a charging device may detect a transaction card is received within a charging slot when an integrated circuit (IC) chip of the transaction card is in contact with a charging terminal; requ ...



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In various embodiments, a support system includes a multi-layer support system with a number of layers. Systems and methods of removing moisture vapor from an environment surrounding patient are disclosed that accomplish such removal.

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Presented are intelligent electronic footwear with controller automated features, methods for making/using such footwear, and control systems for executing automated features of intelligent electronic footwear. An intelligent electronic shoe includes an upper that attaches to a user's foot, and a so ...

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A process for reducing unreacted monomers and condensable and non-condensable hydrocarbon fractions in an APAO which includes introducing molten APAO into heated and insulated jacketed pipe while injecting a stripping agent based on the total weight of the contents of the jacketed pipe; maintaining ...

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A High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Superconducting Quantum Interference Device and methods for fabrication can include at least one bi-Superconducting Quantum Interference Device. The bi-SQUID can include an HTS substrate that can be formed with a step edge. A superconducting loop of YBCO can ...