Matthew H Frey, Michael J Robrecht, George F Jambor: Touch screen sensor. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Robert S Moshrefzadeh, October 30, 2018: US10114516

A touch screen sensor includes a visible light transparent substrate and an electrically conductive micropattern disposed on or in the visible light transparent substrate. The micropattern includes a first region micropattern within a touch sensing area and a second region micropattern. The first re ...

Michael L Howard: Queueing communications for a contact center. Noble Systems Corporation, October 30, 2018: US10116798

Various embodiments of the invention provide methods, systems, and computer program products for routing a communication in a contact center. Specifically, a treatment is selected for a communication from a plurality of treatments supported by the contact center. Here, each treatment includes a set ...


Richard J Becker, Greg Knoblauch, Pavlo Malynin, Anju Eappen: Identifying document forms using digital fingerprints. Intuit, Patterson Sheridan, October 30, 2018: US10115010

Techniques are disclosed to identify a form document in an image using a digital fingerprint of the form document. To do so, the image is evaluated to detect features of the image and determine a polygon bounding each feature. For each polygon, pixels are plotted in a second image based on coordinat ...


Christopher Andrew Nordstrom, Romit Roy Choudhury: Systems and methods for establishing communications between mobile device users. KINECTUS, Schmeiser Olsen & Watts, October 30, 2018: US10117075

Provided are systems and methods for establishing a communication between mobile device users that register with a collaboration system. The collaboration system determines a match between profile data of the first registered mobile device and profile data of the second registered mobile device. Dis ...

Jiayang Lin, Baowen Lin: Light set circuit, light strip and control apparatus therefor. Fujian Yibao Optoelectronics Technology, Stephen R Seccombe, Danton K Mak, Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl, October 30, 2018: US10117299

A light set circuit having first, second, and third control signal lines arranged in parallel, with pairs of LEDs connected with reverse polarity between pairs of the signal lines. In operation, control apparatus applies a control signal level between one and either of the other signal lines, the re ...

Kevin Brennan, Mike Prstojevich: Portable auxiliary unit for voice activated media player. Ninety7, Neal Gerber & Eisenberg, October 30, 2018: US10117022

A portable auxiliary unit for coupling with a mobile audio player is disclosed. The auxiliary unit provides both auxiliary power input and auxiliary audio output for the player, as well as a protective casing in the form of a receiving cup open on a top side. The receiving cup provides access to inp ...

Huping Luo, Hye Kyung Cho Timken, Toni Zhang Miao, Howard Steven Lacheen, Bi Zeng Zhan: Integrated systems and processes for online monitoring of a chemical concentration in a flow of a degassed ionic liquid. Chevron U, Susan M Abernathy, October 30, 2018: US10113963

An integrated system for monitoring a chemical concentration in an ionic liquid, comprising: a. an online FTIR instrument with an ATR window; b. a sample conditioning station that removes light hydrocarbons and produces a degassed ionic liquid that is analyzed by FTIR; and c. a solvent flushing syst ...