Tae Kyoung Yoo, Seong Bok Yoon: Lighting apparatus. LUMENS, Mei & Mark, September 25, 2018: US10085319

An improved lighting apparatus is disclosed. The lighting apparatus includes a direct current power supply unit, a light emitting unit operating in response to a direct current voltage applied from the direct current power supply unit, and a voltage control unit located between the direct current po ...

Holger Sagert, Felix Tellkamp: Automatic fire extinguishing system and method for commissioning and configuring thereof. Minimax & Co KG, Smartpat, September 25, 2018: US10083587

The disclosure relates to an automatic fire extinguishing system. It includes a hazard alarm control unit having a housing, a first electronic assembly and a second electronic assembly which is formed on an outside as an operating and display front panel without a display and has switching elements ...


Anthony A Laviano, John P Gualdoni, Carl H Wierks: Surgical instrument. Arthrex, Blank Rome, September 25, 2018: US10080557

A surgical instrument, such as a capsular retractor, and methods of use are disclosed.



Vijayakrishna J Vankayala: Apparatuses and methods for sharing transmission vias for memory devices. Micron Technology, Dorsey & Whitney, September 25, 2018: US10083723

Apparatuses and methods for transmitting die state information between a plurality of dies are described. An example apparatus includes: a plurality of dies, wherein each die of the plurality of dies includes a first through electrode and a second through electrode; a first path including the first ...

Seungman Kim: Electronic apparatus and method of selectively applying security mode according to exceptional condition in mobile device. EIPG, Seungman Kim, September 25, 2018: US10085151

A mobile device includes a display unit to display a screen to set the mobile device in a security mode and an external network connection and an area condition as a safe zone in the security mode, a user interface to receive a user input to activate the mobile device, and a control unit to selectiv ...

Gal Shabtay, Noy Cohen, Nadav Geva, Oded Gigushinski, Ephraim Goldenberg: Thin multi-aperture imaging system with auto-focus and methods for using same. September 25, 2018: US10084953

Dual-aperture digital cameras with auto-focus (AF) and related methods for obtaining a focused and, optionally optically stabilized color image of an object or scene. A dual-aperture camera includes a first sub-camera having a first optics bloc and a color image sensor for providing a color image, a ...