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An electrical connector assembly includes an electrical connector and a mating connector. The electrical connector includes a base and a tongue extending forward from the base. A first signal terminal is fixedly provided on the base and exposed to the surface of the tongue. A metal shell is sleeved ...

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A connector capable of connecting a flat cable accurately is provided and includes: a main body to which the terminal of a flat cable having notches formed on both sides can be connected; and an actuator having engaging portions engageable with the notches, respectively, to sandwich the flat cable w ...

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This document describes interactive cords. An interactive cord includes a cable, and fabric cover that covers the cable. The fabric cover includes one or more conductive threads woven into the fabric cover to form one or more capacitive touchpoints which are configured to enable reception of touch i ...

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An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component which exhibits enhanced articular features, minimizes removal of healthy bone stock from the distal femur, and minimizes the impact of the prosthesis on adjacent soft tissues of the knee.

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An exemplary virtual reality media system presents a field of view of an immersive virtual reality world on a display screen of a media player device associated with a user. The field of view includes content of the immersive virtual reality world and dynamically changes in response to user input pr ...

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A pillow includes a foam body having top and bottom faces, opposed first and second sides, and opposed left and right ends. A first raised ridge is adjacent to and extends parallel with the first side, projecting to a first height relative to the bottom face. A second raised ridge is adjacent to and ...

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An embodiment of the present invention provides a method of updating a CAD model representing an environment. Such an embodiment begins by generating a point cloud representing one or more objects of an environment based on received signals, where the received signals reflected off the one or more o ...

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There is disclosed a viewing system coupled to a motor vehicle having a frame having a roof, at least one support, and a body with the at least one support supporting the roof over the body. The system can comprise at least one camera, at least one screen coupled to the support. In addition each cam ...

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The invention relates to a metal element (12) for anchoring an anti-erosion coating that is intended to be fastened alone in an isolated manner to a metal wall or assembled with other identical anchoring elements. The anchoring element (12) has an edge (12a) for fastening to said metal wall and an a ...