John Ross Van den Akker: Foldable restaurant and public eating area high chair. Lazy Baby, SoCal IP Law Group, Guy L Cumberbatch, Steven C Sereboff, July 31, 2018: US10034555

A restaurant and public eating area high chair is a high chair intended for use by infants and small children in restaurants and public eating areas. A restaurant and public eating area high chair consists of two front legs, two back legs, a seat, a backrest, a front bar, and side rails that are hig ...

Chengyuan Liang, Danni Tian, Minyi Jia: Isatin peroxo compounds with antibacterial activities and a method of preparing the same. SHAANXI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, July 31, 2018: US10035808

An isatin peroxo compound has the following formula (I): R1 is H, halogen, or C1-3 alkyl, and R2, is H, C1-3 alkyl, or phenyl.


Boris Burshteyn: Security via dynamic data movement in a cloud-based environment. CryptoMove, Perkins Coie, July 31, 2018: US10037330

Methods, apparatuses, and embodiments related to improving security of data that is stored at a data store distributed over a computer network or remote cloud-based environment. For example, source data to be protected is partitioned into multiple data files. Additionally, each file may be obfuscate ...

Kanwar Singh Nalwa, Sumit Chaudhary: Organic photovoltaic device with ferroelectric dipole and method of making same. Iowa State University Research Foundation, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren P C, July 31, 2018: US10038142

A method of fabricating an organic photovoltaic device. The method includes providing a first electrode which by applying a layer of conductive material onto a transparent substrate. The conductive material forms the first electrode. The method also includes placing an active layer of organic photov ...

Nicolas Vote, Scott G Vaal: Methods of adjusting layer print speed on 3D printing machines. Thermwood Corporation, Bookoff McAndrews PLLC, July 31, 2018: US10037022

A method for adjusting print speed during an additive manufacturing process may include receiving at an additive manufacturing machine, information including at least a current layer print speed. The method may further include determining a current layer print time based on at least the current laye ...

Yeong Sheng Lee: Clock and data recovery circuit. SHANGHAI ZHAOXIN SEMICONDUCTOR, McClure Qualey & Rodack, July 31, 2018: US10038549

A CDR (Clock and Data Recovery) circuit includes a current source, an operational amplifier, an NOR gate, and a capacitor. The current source supplies a current to a first node. The operational amplifier has a positive input terminal for receiving a reference voltage, a negative input terminal coupl ...

Andrew B Ellis, Charles E Gero, Andrew F Champagne: Traffic on-boarding for acceleration through out-of-band security authenticators. Akamai Technologies, David H Judson, July 31, 2018: US10038631

A traffic on-boarding method is operative at an acceleration server of an overlay network. It begins at the acceleration server when that server receives an assertion generated by an identity provider (IdP), the IdP having generated the assertion upon receiving an authentication request from a servi ...

Wojciech Jan Walecki, Alexander Pravdivtsev: Inspecting a slab of material. APPLEJACK 199, Maschoff Brennan, July 31, 2018: US10036624

A system for inspecting a slab of material may include a polarization maintaining single mode optical-fiber, a linearly polarized broadband light-source configured to emit a polarized-light over the optical fiber, a beam-assembly configured to receive the light over the optical fiber and direct the ...

Zvi Or Bach, Deepak C Sekar, Brian Cronquist: 3D integrated circuit device. MONOLITHIC 3D, Tran & Associates, July 31, 2018: US10038073

A 3D integrated circuit device, the device including: a first level including a single crystal wafer, the first level includes a plurality of first transistors; a second level overlaying the first level, the second level includes a plurality of second transistors; a third level overlaying the second ...