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The objective of the present invention is providing a method for fabricating high quality diffractive waveplates and their arrays that exhibit high diffraction efficiency over large area, the method being capable of inexpensive large volume production. The method uses a polarization converter for co ...

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Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, receiving an electrical signal, and generating on an outer surface of a transmission medium, according to the electrical signal, electromagnetic waves having a target wave mode. At least a portion of electric fields of the electromagnetic waves has a sp ...

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Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, receiving, by a feed point of a dielectric antenna, electromagnetic waves from a dielectric core coupled to the feed point without an electrical return path, where at least a portion of the dielectric antenna comprises a conductive surface, ...

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A force sensing switch for use in an electronic device can include one or more dome switches disposed over a top surface of a deflectable beam. One or more strain gauges can be disposed over at least one surface of the deflectable beam. An electronic device that includes at least one force sensing s ...

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The present disclosure provides compositions, methods, systems, and devices for polynucleotide processing. Such polynucleotide processing may be useful for a variety of applications, including polynucleotide sequencing.

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Systems and methods are described to enable adaptive handling of domain resolution requests originating from a virtual private cloud (VPC) networking environment. An administrator of the VPC can provide a set of rules specific to the VPC that designates how requests for a domain name should be handl ...

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Systems and methods for sloppy routing are provided. A client transmits a DNS query corresponding to a requested resource to a content delivery network (CDN) service provider. In some embodiments, the CDN service provider processes the DNS query to determine whether a threshold content delivery band ...

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Semiconductor memory is provided wherein a memory cell includes a capacitorless transistor having a floating body configured to store data as charge therein when power is applied to the cell. The cell further includes a nonvolatile memory comprising a resistance change element configured to store da ...

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Methods of maintaining a state of a memory cell without interrupting access to the memory cell are provided, including applying a back bias to the cell to offset charge leakage out of a floating body of the cell, wherein a charge level of the floating body indicates a state of the memory cell; and a ...

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Cloud computing has emerged as an extremely popular implementation option for a wide range of computing services. However, provisioning services into the cloud is an extremely difficult technical challenge. This is due in part to the regular emergence of new cloud service providers, as well as the r ...