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A tensioning mechanism for a conveyor system includes a support structure, a first carriage, a second carriage, and a brake mechanism. The first carriage is positioned proximate a first end of the support structure and is supported for movement relative to the support structure. The first carriage i ...

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The present invention relates to target acquisition and related devices, and more particularly to telescopic gunsights and associated equipment used to achieve shooting accuracy at, for example, close ranges, medium ranges and extreme ranges.

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A landscape light including a first laser light source having a first lens and producing a first laser light having a first color, the first lens configured to disperse the first laser light, a second laser light source having a second lens and producing a second laser light having a second color, t ...

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In one embodiment, a system includes a processing circuit and logic integrated with the processing circuit, executable by the processing circuit, or integrated with and executable by the processing circuit. The logic is configured to cause the processing circuit to initiate a password selection sess ...

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A shelter system includes a shelter. A shelter includes a number of vertical support legs and a collapsible truss section interconnecting the vertical support legs. The shelter system includes a canopy secured to the shelter. The shelter system includes a connection member connecting the canopy to a ...

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A steering application executing on a vehicle control module receives a steering control input to control a steered wheel of a vehicle. Based on the steering control input, the steering application determines a traction threshold value associated with a traction control attribute related to a tracti ...

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A central computing system is configured to monitor quotas for multiple different classifications of vehicles that park in a parking facility. License plate reading (LPR) cameras read the license information of each vehicle entering and exiting a parking facility. The vehicle images or identificatio ...

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A vehicle seat includes a seatback pivot rotationally operable relative to a slidable base, a first cam in communication with the seatback pivot to activate a track-overslide actuator of the base when the seatback pivot is in a rear-entry position and a second cam in communication with the seatback ...

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An acoustic monitoring system has an acoustic front-end, a first signal path from the acoustic front-end directly to an audio transducer and a second signal path from the acoustic front-end to an acoustic data processor via an analog-to-digital converter. The acoustic front-end receives an acoustic ...

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Systems and apparatus for a robotic charging station for charging a battery of an electric vehicle. A semi-autonomous portable robot is programmed to interchange depleted rechargeable batteries disposed in an electric or hybrid vehicle. Portable battery pod dispenses batteries to semi-autonomous por ...