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A TAMR (thermal assisted magnetic recording) write head has a metal blocker formed against a distal end of a waveguide. The waveguide focuses optical radiation on an adjacent plasmon generator where it excites plasmon modes that heat the recording medium. Although the plasmon generator typically hea ...

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A toy top includes the following. A shaft unit has a shaft center with an axis that matches a rotational center. A shaft tip unit is provided at a lower end section of the shaft unit. The shaft tip unit includes a ring member provided in a movable manner centering around the axis and a member that c ...

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An example process includes: storing a profile of a user of an interactive video system; receiving a selection from a computing device of the user to watch a channel of video that is available through the interactive video system; adding, based on the selection, at least some of the identifying info ...

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A tissue profile wellness monitor measures a physiological parameter, generates a tissue profile, defines limits and indicates when the tissue profile exceeds the defined limits. The physiological parameter is responsive to multiple wavelengths of optical radiation after attenuation by constituents ...

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One variation of a method for imaging an area of interest includes: within a user interface, receiving a selection for a set of interest points on a digital map of a physical area and receiving a selection for a resolution of a geospatial map; identifying a ground area corresponding to the set of in ...

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Methods and devices may be used to remotely hushing an event notification by receiving, from a sensor of the electronic device, an indication that a measured level has surpassed a notification threshold. In response to the indication, generating an advertising packet including an event notification ...

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An expansion joint seal includes a central portion having at least one central chamber disposed around a centerline, a first flange portion extending outwardly from the centerline and a second flange portion extending outwardly from the centerline in a direction opposite the first flange portion. Wh ...

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Image backup using a trained image classifier is disclosed. In various embodiments, an image classifier is applied to a plurality of images to identify one or more images to be included in a save set of images. The save set of images are selectively stored to a second location according to one or mo ...

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Disclosed are steviol glycosides referred to as rebaudioside V and rebaudioside W. Also disclosed are methods for producing rebaudioside M (Reb M), rebausoside G (Reb G), rebaudioside KA (Reb KA), rebaudioside V (Reb V) and rebaudioside (Reb W).

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Pressure sensitive key techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a device includes at least one pressure sensitive key having a flexible contact layer spaced apart from a sensor substrate by a spacer layer, the flexible contact layer configured to flex responsive to pressure to conta ...