Robert G Dickie: Cell phone case. Sand & Sebolt, December 19, 2017: US09847806 (6 worldwide citation)

A cellular phone protection case that has four impact absorbing corners and a planar body extending therebetween. Portions of the planar body are asymmetrical relative to imaginary central axes associated with the planar body. Additionally, the four corners define free spaces therebetween to define ...

Anestis Panidis, Assaf Natanzon, Saar Cohen: Maintaining point-in-time granularity for backup snapshots. EMC Corporation, Staniford Tomita, December 19, 2017: US09846698 (5 worldwide citation)

A method and system for maintaining granular backups is discussed. Backup windows may be defined, and policies may be associated with those windows. Journal and backup files may be retained or deleted in accordance with those policies.


A tray includes a base, a pair of opposed side walls extending along side edges of the base and a pair of opposed end walls extending along end edges of the base. A central lateral divider extends between the side walls. The central lateral divider has a width approximately twice a width of the side ...

Massi Joe E Kiani, Ammar Al Ali, Michael O Reilly, Paul Ronald Jansen, Nicholas Evan Barker, Anand Sampath: Modular patient monitor. MASIMO CORPORATION, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 19, 2017: US09847002 (4 worldwide citation)

A modular patient monitor provides a multipurpose, scalable solution for various patient monitoring applications. In an embodiment, a modular patient monitor utilizes multiple wavelength optical sensor and/or acoustic sensor technologies to provide blood constituent monitoring and acoustic respirati ...

Yurgis Mauro Bacallao: Bagging station support frame and method of forming the same. WAL MART STORES, Schmeiser Olsen & Watts, December 19, 2017: US09844283 (3 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a bagging station support frame that includes a bagging station holder and a rail coupler coupled to the bagging station holder. The bagging station holder holds a bagging station. A bagging station holds a plurality of shopping bags ready to receive products purchased by a customer. Th ...

Massi Joe E Kiani, Steven J Wojtczuk, Brad M Siskavich: Pool solar power generator. MASIMO SEMICONDUCTOR, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 19, 2017: US09847749 (3 worldwide citation)

Solar panels located on residential roofs can be unsightly in some cases. A swimming pool solar power generator can locate solar panels in or around the sides and/or bottoms of a swimming pool in a manner so as to create electricity from the sun without creating an eyesore. In an embodiment, a pool ...

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This invention provides a portable combustion device that provides a cleaner combustion, provides a more efficient overall combustion through the use of a fan that directs a predetermined volume of airflow over the combustible fuel—typically wood or similar cellulose-based biological solids and prov ...

Yuniarto Widjaja: Memory cells, memory cell arrays, methods of using and methods of making. Zeno Semiconductor, Alan W Cannon, December 19, 2017: US09847131 (2 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor memory cell and arrays of memory cells are provided In at least one embodiment, a memory cell includes a substrate having a top surface, the substrate having a first conductivity type selected from a p-type conductivity type and an n-type conductivity type; a first region having a se ...

Curtis Davis, Monier Maher, Jean P Bordes, Manju Hegde, Otto A Schmid, Raghunath K Rao, Marius Goldenberg, Aria Eshraghi, Vito Giannini, David S Trager, Nikhilesh Bhagat, Srikanth Gollapudi, Sundar Govindarajan, Steve Borho, Jonathan Preussner, Paul W Dent, Paul Bassett, Stephen W Alland, Fred Harris, Wayne E Stark, Murtaza Ali: Software defined automotive radar systems. UHNDER, Gardner Linn Burkhart & Flory, December 19, 2017: US09846228 (2 worldwide citation)

A radar system processes signals in a flexible, adaptive manner to determine range, Doppler (velocity) and angle of objects in an environment. The radar system processes the received signal to achieve different objectives depending on the environment, the current information stored in the radar syst ...

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A foldable display device includes a first plate member, a second plate member, a hinge assembly, and a flexible display member. The first plate member includes a first display surface and a first side. The second plate member includes a second display surface and a second side. The first side and t ...