Jason Petras, Michael Leabman: Enhanced receiver for wireless power transmission. Energous Corporation, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, November 14, 2017: US09819230 (14 worldwide citation)

An enhanced receiver for wireless power transmission is disclosed. The receiver may be able to convert RF waves into continuous, stable and suitable voltage or power that can be used for charging or powering an electronic device. The receiver may include an antenna array for extracting and rectifyin ...

Mark F Schulz, Claudia M Mulvaney, Stephen C P Joseph: Vented container assembly. 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY, Aleksander Medved, November 14, 2017: US09815076 (12 worldwide citation)

Container assemblies (100) that transition between a sealing state and a retained venting state are described. The container assemblies each include a body portion (110) having an open end (113), and a lid portion (120) adapted to cover the open end of the body portion to create an enclosed volume, ...

Hardeep Singh Uppal, Prashanth Acharya, Craig Wesley Howard: Traffic surge management for points of presence. Amazon Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, November 14, 2017: US09819567 (6 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for point of presence (POP) based traffic surge detection and mitigation are provided. The system detects a traffic surge for a target group of resources directed at a source POP based on the target group's rank shifts and volume changes among recent ti ...

Russell T Herrin, Jeffrey C Maling, Anthony K Stamper: Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION, Steven Meyers, Andrew M Calderon, Roberts Mlotkowski Safran Cole & Calderon P C, November 14, 2017: US09815690 (5 worldwide citation)

A method of forming at least one Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) includes forming a beam structure and an electrode on an insulator layer, remote from the beam structure. The method further includes forming at least one sacrificial layer over the beam structure, and remote from the electrode. ...

Shine C Chung: Programmable resistive device and memory using diode as selector. Attopsemi Technology, November 14, 2017: US09818478 (4 worldwide citation)

Building programmable resistive devices in contact holes at the crossover of a plurality of conductor lines in more than two vertical layers is disclosed. There are plurality of first conductor lines and another plurality of second conductor lines that can be substantially perpendicular to each othe ...

Peter Alfons Schmitt, Jonah Samuel Myerberg, Ricardo Fulop, Michael Andrew Gibson, Matthew David Verminski, Richard Remo Fontana, Christopher Allan Schuh, Yet Ming Chiang, Anastasios John Hart: Fabricating multi-part assemblies. Desktop Metal, Strategic Patents P C, November 14, 2017: US09815118 (3 worldwide citation)

Techniques are disclosed for fabricating multi-part assemblies. In particular, by forming release layers between features such as bearings or gear teeth, complex mechanical assemblies can be fabricated in a single additive manufacturing process.

Yonghai Li, Zhongli Xu, Changzheng Dai: Atomizer and electronic cigarette having same. SHENZHEN FIRST UNION TECHNOLOGY, Cheng Ju Chiang, November 14, 2017: US09814272 (3 worldwide citation)

An exemplary atomizer includes a liquid supply, a mouthpiece at a first end of the liquid supply, an air pipe, a liquid supply, and an atomizing device at an opposite second end. The atomizing device includes a main body, a liquid conducting element, and a heating element. The main body has an atomi ...

William Guie Rivard, Adam Barry Feder, Brian J Kindle: Systems and methods for capturing digital images. Duelight, Zilka Kotab PC, November 14, 2017: US09819849 (3 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and computer program product are provided for capturing digital images. In use, an ambient image comprising a plurality of ambient pixels and a flash image comprising a plurality of flash pixels is captured, via a camera module. Next, at least one de-noised pixel based on the ambie ...

John V Arthur, Bernard V Brezzo, Leland Chang, Daniel J Friedman, Paul A Merolla, Dharmendra S Modha, Robert K Montoye, Jae sun Seo, Jose A Tierno: Time-division multiplexed neurosynaptic module with implicit memory addressing for implementing a universal substrate of adaptation. International Business Machines Corporation, Sherman IP, Kenneth L Sherman, Hemavathy Perumal, November 14, 2017: US09818058 (3 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the invention relate to a time-division multiplexed neurosynaptic module with implicit memory addressing for implementing a universal substrate of adaptation. One embodiment comprises a neurosynaptic device including a memory device that maintains neuron attributes for multiple neuron ...

Lubin Mao, Cheng Zhou, Hongxing Wang: Speaker. AAC TECHNOLOGIES, Na Xu, IPro PLLC, November 14, 2017: US09820052 (3 worldwide citation)

A speaker is provided in the present disclosure. The speaker includes a shell, a magnetic system and a vibrating system received in the shell. The magnetic system includes a first magnet module and a second magnet module opposite to each other for forming a magnetic gap. The vibrating system include ...

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