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A wearable, portable physiological monitor configured to wirelessly transmit real time information regarding a plurality physiological parameters. The portable monitor includes a plurality of sensor ports, where at least a first sensor port is positioned on a side of a housing of the portable monito ...

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A system method and program product for data replication comprising based on metadata, creating a mapping of pending IO to a logical storage medium and changing a mapping of the logical storage medium to tiered storage mediums to optimize the pending IO to the logical storage medium.

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As placement of a physiological monitoring sensor is typically at a sensor site located at an extremity of the body, the state of microcirculation, such as whether vessels are blocked or open, can have a significant effect on the readings at the sensor site. It is therefore desirable to provide a pa ...

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Delivery parcel detection systems can include a doorbell having a first wireless communication system and a floor covering configured for placement on an entryway floor. The doorbell can be communicatively coupled to the floor covering. The floor covering can comprise a sensor configured to detect a ...

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A System, Computer Program Product, and Computer-executable method for managing cache de-staging on a data storage system wherein the data storage system provides a Logical Unit (LU), the System, Computer Program Product, and Computer-executable method including dividing the LU into two or more exte ...

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Threat risks to an enterprise are detected and assessed by assembling singular threats identified using both direct and behavioral threat indicators into composite threats to create complex use cases across multiple domains, and to amplify risks along kill chains of known attacks for early detection ...

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Disclosed are methods, systems, and non-transitory, machine-readable media that facilitates home automation control based on individualized audio differentiation of carbon monoxide detectors. Audio characteristics may be determined based on first sensor data. Attributes may be defined based on the a ...

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An embodiment disclosed in the present disclosure discloses a mobile terminal for performing communication with a vehicle control apparatus installed in a vehicle, and the mobile terminal may include a wireless communication unit configured to form a network comprising the vehicle control apparatus ...

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An apparatus and method to distribute applications and services in and throughout a network and to secure the network includes the functionality of a switch with the ability to apply applications and services to received data according to respective subscriber profiles. Front-end processors, or Netw ...

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Systems and methods are described for generating restricted depth of field depth maps. In one embodiment, an image processing pipeline application configures a processor to: determine a desired focal plane distance and a range of distances corresponding to a restricted depth of field for an image re ...