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Systems and methods are described that enable the mitigation of network attacks directed to specific sets of content on a content delivery system. A set of content targeted in the attack may be identified based at least in part on a combination of network addresses to which attacked-related packets ...

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Methods of forming flash memory cells are described which incorporate air gaps for improved performance. The methods are useful for so-called “2-d flat cell” flash architectures. 2-d flat cell flash memory involves a reactive ion etch to dig trenches into multi-layers containing high work function a ...

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Embodiments of the present technology may include a method of processing a semiconductor substrate. The method may include providing the semiconductor substrate in a processing region. Additionally, the method may include flowing gas through a cavity defined by a powered electrode. The method may fu ...

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The system, process, and methods herein describe a mechanism for aligning IOs with block sizes. The alignment may occur on a data protection appliance as part of a continuous replication process. The IO offset may be rounded down, and the size may be rounded up, so that each is a multiple of the blo ...

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An electronic vapor device is disclosed comprising a first container for storing a vaporizable material, a vaporizer component coupled to the first container, configured for vaporizing the vaporizable material, a processor coupled to the vaporizer component, configured to control the vaporizer compo ...

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Various arrangements for monitoring and control applications are presented. A television receiver may be configured to monitor sensor reading and or provide signals to control units for monitoring and home automation applications.

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Systems and methods for high dynamic range imaging using array cameras in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a method of generating a high dynamic range image using an array camera includes defining at least two subsets of active cameras, ...

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A radar sensing system for a vehicle includes at least one transmitter, at least one receiver, and a processor. The at least one transmitter is operable to transmit a radio signal at one of a plurality of carrier frequencies. The at least one receiver is operable to receive a radio signal which incl ...

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Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement one-dimensional array cameras, as well as modular array cameras using sub-array modules. In one embodiment, a 1×N array camera module includes: a 1×N arrangement of focal planes, where N is greater than or equal to 2, each ...

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A staple cartridge assembly includes, one, a plurality of staples movable between unfired positions and fired positions and, two, a layer, such as a tissue thickness compensator and/or a buttress material, for example, wherein the staples are configured to at least partially capture the layer when t ...