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Systems and methods are described that enable the mitigation of network attacks directed to specific sets of content on a content delivery system. A set of content targeted in the attack may be identified based at least in part on a combination of network addresses to which attacked-related packets ...

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A workpiece holder includes a puck having a cylindrical axis, a radius about the cylindrical axis, and a thickness. At least a top surface of the puck is substantially planar, and the puck defines one or more thermal breaks. Each thermal break is a radial recess that intersects at least one of the t ...

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A method for monitoring an individual in a dwelling so as to know when such individual falls or indicates the need of assistance. A plurality of 3D motion and sound sensors are located in the dwelling and provide data to a computerized monitoring system. The sensors are configured to recognize one o ...

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A method, system and program product for implementing the xcopy command in a replication environment, the replication environment having a production site, a splitter, and a replication site, wherein the replication site has a journal, comprising, determining if the source and target LUNs of the xco ...

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A method, system, and computer program product for intercepting communication between a virtual machine and an encrypted replication data stored on a storage medium and redirecting the communication to a remote replication appliance and using a key stored on the remote replication appliance to enabl ...

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A method, system and program product for dynamically changing the size of a LUN in a replication based environment, the replication environment having a splitter, a production site and a replication site, the production site having a production LUN, the replication site having a journal and a replic ...

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An expansion joint design for supporting transfer loads. The system includes an elongated core and at least one longitudinal load-transfer member which are bonded together.

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In a general aspect, motion is detected by processing wireless signals using stored modem parameters. In some aspects, stored modem parameters are accessed from a memory of a wireless sensor device. The stored modem parameters represent a radio state previously used by a radio subsystem of the wirel ...

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A watertight, integrated wall and roof expansion joint seal system includes an expansion joint seal for a structure. The seal includes a central portion having an underside and at least one central chamber disposed around a centerline, a first flange portion extending outwardly from the centerline a ...

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A ball-of-foot type shoe insert has two regions with different compressibility characteristics, illustratively created by using polyurethane foam of difference densities, in a front region which, when the insert is positioned in a shoe, will underlie the toes of a wearer, and a rear region which, wh ...