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Antenna array calibration for wireless charging is disclosed. A wireless charging system is provided and configured to calibrate antenna elements in a wireless charging station based on a feedback signal provided by a wireless charging device. The antenna elements in the wireless charging station tr ...

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Methods of selectively etching metal-containing materials from the surface of a substrate are described. The etch selectively removes metal-containing materials relative to silicon-containing films such as silicon, polysilicon, silicon oxide, silicon germanium and/or silicon nitride. The methods inc ...

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Systems and methods for managing requesting routing functionality associated with resource requests for one or more resources associated with a content provider are provided. The request routing functionality can correspond to the processing of domain name service (“DNS”) requests for resources by c ...

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A system, method, and computer readable medium for managing secure content by CDN service providers are provided. A network storage provider stores one or more resources on behalf of a content provider. A CDN service provider obtains client computing device requests for secure content. Based on proc ...

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Techniques for embedded event processing are provided. In some examples, instructions for executing at least a subset of complex event processing features may be received. A stream of events received by the edge computing device may be identified. Additionally, the events of the stream utilizing the ...

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Described herein are platinum and palladium compounds with geometrically distorted charge transfer state, applications and methods for the preparation thereof. The platinum and/or palladium compounds described herein are capable of emitting light and can be used in light emitting devices.

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Platinum, palladium, and gold tetradentate metal complexes of Formulas I and II including indoloacridine. The complexes are suitable for use as phosphorescent or delayed fluorescent and phosphorescent emitters in display and lighting applications.

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A method of managing a lifecycle of a mobile communication device. The method comprises storing a biographical digest in a radio frequency identity chip of the mobile communication device at the time of manufacture of the communication device, wherein the biographical digest comprises information ab ...

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A method of receiving data including receiving, on one or more carrier waveforms, signals representing a plurality of data elements of an original data frame wherein each of the data elements are represented by cyclically time shifted and cyclically frequency shifted versions of a known set of wavef ...

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Pressure sensitive key techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a device includes at least one pressure sensitive key having a flexible contact layer spaced apart from a sensor substrate by a spacer layer, the flexible contact layer configured to flex responsive to pressure to conta ...