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An article of footwear includes an outsole having a heel region, a midfoot region, and a forefoot region. An outer midsole layer is secured to the outsole and extends only over the heel region and at least some of the midfoot region. An inner midsole layer is supported by the outer midsole layer and ...

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Methods, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for enhancing the processing of audio waveforms for speech recognition using various neural network processing techniques. In one aspect, a method includes: receiving multiple channels of audio data corresponding to an uttera ...

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A patient monitor including a physiological measurement logic engine receives physiological data from a physiological sensor. The logic engine abstracts one or more features of the physiological data and determines a category for the abstracted feature. The logic engine further encodes the category ...

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A pulse oximetry sensor includes reusable and disposable elements. To assemble the sensor, members of the reusable element are mated with assembly mechanisms of the disposable element. The assembled sensor provides independent movement between the reusable and disposable elements.

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Features are disclosed for detecting words in audio using environmental information and/or contextual information in addition to acoustic features associated with the words to be detected. A detection model can be generated and used to determine whether a particular word, such as a keyword or “wake ...

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An automated assembly sensor cable has a generally wide and flat elongated body and a registration feature generally traversing the length of the body so as to identify the relative locations of conductors within the body. This cable configuration facilitates the automated attachment of the cable to ...

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An add-on device for an image scanner for scanning barcodes is provided. The add-on device includes a housing mounted to the standard range lens front on an image scanner, and a lens holder. The lens holder has a first position for holding a first lens, a second position being an aperture, and a thi ...

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Natural language controlled devices may be configured to activate command recognition in response to one or more wake words. Techniques are provided to enable a voice controlled system to detect or receive an indication of a secondary device available to be controlled. The voice controlled system co ...

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The present invention relates to a heating element assembly for e-cigarette. The heating element assembly includes a cylindrical ceramic e-liquid conduit to store e-liquid, at least one heating wire wound on the inside of ceramic e-liquid conduit, a base, and a cylinder on top of base. The ceramic w ...

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A system for accurately dispensing small amounts of custom blended liquids for vaporizing in an electronic cigarette device comprising a plurality of interactive display devices; a controller for relaying input from a first interactive device to a second and a third interactive device and a liquid d ...