Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
John W Sigrist, Jeffrey H Whitmore, Elliot J Matel: Connecting rod system for an engine. Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Foley & Lardner, June 13, 2017: US09677600

An internal combustion engine includes a piston, a crankshaft having a journal, and a connecting rod. The connecting rod includes a first end coupled to the piston and a second end coupled to the journal of the crankshaft. The second end of the connecting rod includes a bearing surface configured to ...

Simon Charles Malpas, Aiguo Hu, David Budgett: Inductively powered mobile sensor system. Auckland Uniservices, Law Office of Richard F Jaworski PC, June 13, 2017: US09680338 (10 worldwide citation)

An inductively powered sensor system includes a primary conductive path 100 capable of being energized to provide an electromagnetic field in a defined space 1. An inductive power pick-up 120 is associated with a sensor 124 and is capable of receiving power from the field to supply the sensor 124. T ...

David Otto Whitt III, Eric Joseph Wahl, David C Vandervoort, Todd David Pleake, Rob Huala, Summer L Schneider, Robyn Rebecca Reed McLaughlin, Matthew David Mickelson, Joel Lawrence Pelley, Timothy C Shaw, Ralf Groene, Hua Wang, Christopher Harry Stoumbos, Karsten Aagaard: Multiple position input device cover. Microsoft Technology Licensing, June 13, 2017: US09678542 (7 worldwide citation)

Flexible hinge spine techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a flexible hinge is configured to communicatively and physically couple an input device to a computing device and may implement functionality such as a support layer and minimum bend radius. The input device may also incl ...

Gregory Hayward: Alert notifications utilizing broadcasted telematics data. STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY, Marshall Gerstein & Borun, Randall G Rueth, June 13, 2017: US09679487 (7 worldwide citation)

Geographic location data and telematics data may be collected in real-time by a mobile device within a vehicle, or the vehicle itself. The telematics data may indicate vehicle direction, speed, motion, etc., as well as traffic hazards in the surrounding environment. A remote server may receive the l ...


An impact-absorbing protective structure comprises one or more compressible cells. Each cell is in the form of a thin-walled plastic enclosure defining an inner, fluid-filled chamber with at least one small orifice through which fluid resistively flows. Each cell includes an initially resistive mech ...

Dean Kamen, John M Kerwin, Colin H Murphy, Larry B Gray, Christopher C Langenfeld, Michael J Slate, Michael S Place: System, method, and apparatus for infusing fluid. DEKA Products Partnership, James D Wyninegar Jr, June 13, 2017: US09677555 (6 worldwide citation)

A peristaltic pump, and related system method are provided. The peristaltic pump includes a cam shaft, first and second pinch-valve cams, first and second pinch-valve cam followers, a plunger cam, a plunger-cam follower, a tube receiver, and a spring-biased plunger. The first and second pinch-valve ...

Dean Kamen, John M Kerwin, Colin H Murphy, Jonathan Parker, Daniel F Pawlowski, Dirk A van der Merwe, Larry B Gray, Christopher C Langenfeld, Michael S Place, Michael J Slate: Apparatus for infusing fluid. DEKA Products Partnership, James D Wyninegar Jr, June 13, 2017: US09675756 (5 worldwide citation)

A pump for pumping fluid includes a tube platen, a plunger, a bias member, inlet and outlet valves, an actuator mechanism, a position sensor, and a processor. The plunger is configured for actuation toward and away from the infusion-tube when the tube platen is disposed opposite to the plunger. The ...

Philip E Hammer, Janice C Jones, Michael G Koziel, Kelly S Smith, Scott J Uknes: Modified biological control agents and their uses. AgBiome, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, June 13, 2017: US09675081 (3 worldwide citation)

Methods for improving the ability of a population of biological agents to compete and survive in a field setting are provided. The improved, modified population of agents is able to grow, compete with other microbial strains and fungi, and provide protection for plants from pathogens. Modified biolo ...

Thomas Hogberg, Gunnar Grue Sorensen, Xifu Liang, Anne Marie Horneman, Anders Klarskov Petersen: Method of producing ingenol-3-angelate. LEO Laboratories, Fish & Richardson P C, June 13, 2017: US09676698 (3 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to methods of producing ingenol-3-angelate (I) from ingenol (II). Furthermore, the invention relates to intermediates useful for the synthesis of ingenol-3-angelate (I) from ingenol (II) and to methods of producing said intermediates.

James S Webb, Benjamin E Tunberg Rogoza, Peter Wesley Bristol, Jason Andrew Higgins, Sharvil Shailesh Talati, Yi yaun Chen, Neil Warren Konzen: Hand-held controllers for virtual reality system. OCULUS VR, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, June 13, 2017: US09678566 (3 worldwide citation)

There is provided a handheld controller for a virtual reality system. The hand-held controller includes a user-input surface and a grip coupled to the user-input surface. The user-input surface has a first user-input key. The hand-held controller further includes a cage coupled to the user-input sur ...

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