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A marine sonar display device comprises a display, a sonar element, a multi axis sensor, a memory element, and a processing element. The display presents sonar images. The sonar element generates a sonar beam. The multi axis sensor determines an orientation and a tilt of the sonar element and presen ...

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A rotary device is disclosed that includes a rotor comprising a main body and plurality of protrusions extending radially from the main body. At least a pair of voids are provided adjacent to each other in the main body of the rotor between each adjacent pair of the plurality of protrusions, and eac ...

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A method for manufacturing a laser diode device includes providing a substrate having a surface region and forming epitaxial material overlying the surface region, the epitaxial material comprising an n-type cladding region, an active region comprising at least one active layer overlying the n-type ...

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Disclosed is a communication system—for effecting communication events between a computer system, comprising first and second computer devices, and additional endpoint(s) connected via a communication network—comprising processing units, each having access to computer storage holding executable code ...

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Configurations are described for utilizing light-activated proteins within cell membranes and subcellular regions to assist with medical treatment paradigms, such as hypertension treatment via anatomically specific and temporally precise modulation of renal plexus activity. The invention provides fo ...

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The present disclosure relates to methods for correlating security vulnerability assessment data from a network vulnerability assessment, a static application security test (SAST) assessment and/or a zero day vulnerability metadata source.

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Methods and systems are provided for generating alerts in association with a request to open an account for an individual. For example, information identifying an individual may be received from a financial entity in association with the financial entity receiving a request to open an account for th ...

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A method, system and computer program product for controlling enterprise data on mobile devices. Data on a mobile device is tagged as being associated with either enterprise data or with personal data. Upon identifying the storage location of the tagged data and the identifier of the application tha ...

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A system comprising at least one component running on at least one server and receiving vulnerability data and, for each device of a plurality of devices, device data that includes data of at least one device component. The system includes a trust score corresponding to each device of the plurality ...

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A drive system for a tiltrotor aircraft includes a first gearbox rotatably mounted to the airframe and rotatable about a longitudinal axis to operate the tiltrotor aircraft between helicopter and airplane modes. A second gearbox extends generally normal to the longitudinal axis of the first gearbox. ...