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A socket holding frame has a track base and at least one positioning mount. The track base has a bottom panel and a slide rail. The bottom panel has multiple first engaging segments formed on a top surface of the bottom panel. The at least one positioning mount is slidably and rotatably mounted on t ...

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An internal component and external interface arrangement for a cylindrical compact computing system is described that includes at least a structural heat sink having triangular shape disposed within a cylindrical volume defined by a cylindrical housing. A computing engine having a generally triangul ...

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Methods for generating and sharing a virtual body model of a person, created with a small number of measurements and a single photograph, combined with one or more images of garments. The virtual body model represents a realistic representation of the users body and is used for visualizing photo-rea ...

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A hand carryable surface cleaning apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a main body housing a suction motor. An air treatment member has an assembly air inlet provided at the upper end of the assembly. The assembly is removably mounted to the main body as a sealed unit.

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A modified rocker assembly having an offset end is designed for engine heads having an obstruction preventing use of a symmetric switching rocker arm. The modified rocker assembly has an obstructed side and a non-obstructed side and has an outer structure with a first end, and an inner rocker struct ...

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A method for access network signaling protocol interworking for user authentication includes receiving, from a node in an access network, a message formatted according to a signaling protocol of the access network and containing an authentication payload formatted according to an authentication prot ...

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A commercial vehicle seat with a seat part, a backrest part and a seat substructure to be arranged on a body part of a commercial vehicle is provided. The seat substructure comprises a lateral swinging means with a cross carriage part, which can be swung transversely to the longitudinal extension of ...


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A marine sonar display device comprises a display, a sonar element, a multi axis sensor, a memory element, and a processing element. The display presents sonar images. The sonar element generates a sonar beam. The multi axis sensor determines an orientation and a tilt of the sonar element and presen ...

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A method for manufacturing a laser diode device includes providing a substrate having a surface region and forming epitaxial material overlying the surface region, the epitaxial material comprising an n-type cladding region, an active region comprising at least one active layer overlying the n-type ...