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A vehicle configured to operate in an autonomous mode is provided. The vehicle is configured to obtain an indication of a final destination, and, if the final destination is not on a pre-approved road for travel by the vehicle, the vehicle is configured to determine a route from the vehicle's curren ...

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A socket holding frame has a track base and at least one positioning mount. The track base has a bottom panel and a slide rail. The bottom panel has multiple first engaging segments formed on a top surface of the bottom panel. The at least one positioning mount is slidably and rotatably mounted on t ...

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A hand carryable surface cleaning apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a main body housing a suction motor. An air treatment member has an assembly air inlet provided at the upper end of the assembly. The assembly is removably mounted to the main body as a sealed unit.

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In one embodiment, a tangible, non-transitory computer-readable media stores computer instructions. The computer instructions, when executed by a processor, are configured to send one or more requests including an access token to retrieve, access, view, subscribe, or modify data elements of a data m ...

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A vehicle suspension damper is described. The vehicle suspension damper includes: a pilot valve assembly; a primary valve; and an adjuster, wherein the pilot valve assembly meters fluid to the primary valve, and the adjuster moves the primary valve.

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Aggregation of computing device settings is disclosed. In embodiments, at least one tile is generated for display. The tile represents a system setting and a status of the system setting. The tile also includes one or more user-selectable elements that are selectable to adjust an aspect of the syste ...

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Using a transformation based, at least in part, on a non-simple orthogonal matrix, data may be transmitted over a data bus in a manner that is resilient to one or more types of signal noise, that does not require a common reference at the transmission and acquisition points, and/or that has a pin-ef ...

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Prior electrochromic devices frequently suffer from high levels of defectivity. The defects may be manifest as pin holes or spots where the electrochromic transition is impaired. This is unacceptable for many applications such as electrochromic architectural glass. Improved electrochromic devices wi ...


An architecture and method are provided for provisioning, configuring and deploying adaptive service oriented architectures through mounting provider systems on extended service containers and manipulating the instantiations of these containers so that the active instantiations can be optimized for ...

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Provided are computer implemented methods and systems for messaging, calling, and one-touch and one-scan payments and buying via mobile and wearable devices. An exemplary system comprises a processor and a database in communication with the processor. The processor is configured to provide a haptic ...