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A vehicle configured to operate in an autonomous mode is provided. The vehicle is configured to obtain an indication of a final destination, and, if the final destination is not on a pre-approved road for travel by the vehicle, the vehicle is configured to determine a route from the vehicle's curren ...

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A wetsuit is provided which comprises (a) a first central region comprising a first material and having a first thickness; and (b) a second lateral region comprising a second material and having a second thickness. The buoyancy per unit area of the first region is greater than the buoyancy per unit ...

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A semiconductor memory cell including a capacitorless transistor having a floating body configured to store data as charge therein when power is applied to the cell, and a non-volatile memory comprising a bipolar resistive change element, and methods of operating.

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A socket holding frame has a track base and at least one positioning mount. The track base has a bottom panel and a slide rail. The bottom panel has multiple first engaging segments formed on a top surface of the bottom panel. The at least one positioning mount is slidably and rotatably mounted on t ...

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An internal component and external interface arrangement for a cylindrical compact computing system is described that includes at least a structural heat sink having triangular shape disposed within a cylindrical volume defined by a cylindrical housing. A computing engine having a generally triangul ...

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A hand carryable surface cleaning apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a main body housing a suction motor. An air treatment member has an assembly air inlet provided at the upper end of the assembly. The assembly is removably mounted to the main body as a sealed unit.

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In one embodiment, a tangible, non-transitory computer-readable media stores computer instructions. The computer instructions, when executed by a processor, are configured to send one or more requests including an access token to retrieve, access, view, subscribe, or modify data elements of a data m ...

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A vehicle suspension damper is described. The vehicle suspension damper includes: a pilot valve assembly; a primary valve; and an adjuster, wherein the pilot valve assembly meters fluid to the primary valve, and the adjuster moves the primary valve.

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An apparatus, method, and system to acquire and display casino data on a portable electronic device may include a portable electronic device having a processor operative with a real-time location based data application to transmit the location of the portable electronic device and acquire, prioritiz ...

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Aggregation of computing device settings is disclosed. In embodiments, at least one tile is generated for display. The tile represents a system setting and a status of the system setting. The tile also includes one or more user-selectable elements that are selectable to adjust an aspect of the syste ...