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An overlay applicator that includes an overlay layer. The overlay layer includes a top side and a bottom side. The bottom side includes an adhesive configured to adhere the overlay layer to a screen of an electronic device. The overlay applicator also includes an adhesive release liner. The adhesive ...

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An electronic cigarette, including a mouthpiece assembly, a glass housing, a fixed seat, an atomization assembly, and a gas flow control assembly. The mouthpiece assembly employs a metal material and is connected to the fixed seat using a plug-type interference fit. The fixed seat is connected to th ...

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In one aspect, a method includes moving metadata from a memory of a first deduplication device to a disk of the first deduplication device, moving the data related to the metadata or portions of the data to a second deduplication device, deleting the data from the first deduplication device and addi ...

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A package has a tray slidably mounted in a carton. The carton has a front access port and at least one catch. The tray has a pair of stops positioned to successively engage at least one catch in order to restrict outward movement of the tray. The tray can be positioned with the pair of stops located ...

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An embodiment of a method of forming a control gate includes forming a conductor having a concentration of germanium that varies with a thickness of the conductor, and removing portions of the conductor at a variable rate that is governed, at least in part, by the concentration of the germanium.

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Using a transformation based, at least in part, on a non-simple orthogonal matrix, data may be transmitted over a data bus in a manner that is resilient to one or more types of signal noise, that does not require a common reference at the transmission and acquisition points, and/or that has a pin-ef ...

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Some examples include charging an onboard power source of a mobile drive unit (MDU) of an inventory system while the MDU is operating in the inventory system, rather than removing the MDU from service for recharging. As an example, the MDU may receive instructions to retrieve an inventory holder, an ...

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Inventory holders in an inventory system can be moved among differing storage positions. The moves can be performed by mobile drive units not otherwise transporting inventory holders directly to or from inventory stations. A free mobile drive unit can move an inventory holder not likely to be useful ...

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Building panels 1, 1′ provided with a mechanical locking system including a tongue 30, at an edge of a first panel 1, cooperating with a tongue groove 20, at an edge of an adjacent second panel 1′, for vertical locking of the building panels. The edge of the first panel is provided with a displaceme ...

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A system includes storage shelves and display shelves at a retail facility. The system also includes a management module operable to determine to replenish a display shelf with an inventory item stored by a storage shelf. The management module is also operable to coordinate movement of mobile drive ...