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Systems, chambers, and processes are provided for controlling process defects caused by moisture contamination. The systems may provide configurations for chambers to perform multiple operations in a vacuum or controlled environment. The chambers may include configurations to provide additional proc ...

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A plasma source includes a first electrode and a second electrode having respective surfaces, and an insulator that is between and in contact with the electrodes. The electrode surfaces and the insulator surface substantially define a plasma cavity. The insulator surface defines one or more grooves ...

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An echo cancellation system performs audio beamforming to separate audio input into multiple directions (e.g., target signals) and generates multiple audio outputs using two acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) circuits. A first AEC removes a playback reference signal (generated from a signal sent a lou ...

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A print media holder device has first and second grip members. Permanent magnets are attached to the first and second grip members. An electromagnet is disposed between the first and second grip members, where when the electromagnet is selectively energized the permanent magnets attached to the firs ...

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There is provided a portable electrical system including primary and secondary devices, the primary device having a first, lithium cobalt oxide battery, and the secondary device having a second, lithium iron phosphate or lithium titanate battery, wherein the primary and secondary devices are configu ...

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An assembly of a drug delivery system, comprising: a first component; a second component which is configured to move linearly with respect to the first component; and, a resistance element configured to resist linear movement during transport of the first component with respect to the second compone ...

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By utilizing at least one pair of cameras having a user-configurable displacement, it will be more precise to determine a depth map of a resulting 3D image and smoothening the 3D image, without the expense of using expensive depth cameras.

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A programmable security system and method for protecting an item of merchandise includes a programming station, a programmable key and a security system. The programming station generates a security code and communicates the security code to a memory of the programmable key. The programmable key ini ...

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A combination includes a holster and a laser gun sight that is securable to a gun. The laser gun sight includes a housing including a laser aperture sized to accommodate a laser module, a laser module disposed within the laser aperture, a circuit board including circuitry configured to operate the l ...

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A system and method of providing a modulated signal useable in a signal transmission system. The method includes transforming, perhaps with respect to both time and frequency, a data frame including a plurality of data elements into a transformed data matrix. The transformed data matrix includes a p ...