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Voice-controlled devices that include one or more speakers for outputting audio. In some instances, the device includes at least one speaker within a cylindrical housing, with the speaker aimed or pointed away from a microphone coupled to the housing. For instance, if the microphone resides at or ne ...

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Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system for generating first electromagnetic waves and directing instances of the first electromagnetic waves to an interface of a transmission medium to induce propagation of second electromagnetic waves having at least a dominant non-fun ...

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An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a processor configured to perform automatic speech recognition (ASR) on a speech input by using a speech recognition model that is stored in a memory and a communication module configured to provide the speech input to a server and rec ...

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Techniques for tailoring beamforming techniques to environments such that processing resources may be devoted to a portion of an audio signal corresponding to a lobe of a beampattern that is most likely to contain user speech. The techniques take into account both acoustic characteristics of an envi ...

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A physiological trend monitor has a sensor signal responsive to multiple wavelengths of light transmitted into a tissue site. The transmitted light is detected after attenuation by pulsatile blood flow within the tissue site. A processor has an input responsive to the sensor signal and a physiologic ...

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According to some embodiments of the present invention, a display is used to show an indication of the signal's quality. This indication of the signal's quality may be provided in a number of ways, including audibly or visually.

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A hand-switch arrangement (HSA) for an adjustable seating furniture (SF), in particular a recliner, the hand-switch arrangement (HSA) comprising an operating unit (OU) and a carrier module (CM). The carrier module (CM) comprises a body part (BP) with an opening (O) for accommodating the operating un ...

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An electronic cigarette with a thermal flow sensor based controller is provided which comprises a housing; a battery, a controller assembly; an air inlet for allowing air to enter into the housing, a mouthpiece; a fluid reservoir; an atomizer; at least a light emitting diode; and a display. The ther ...

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A portable electric cigarette lighter or mobile device accessory with integrated portable electric cigarette lighter, the mobile device accessory including: (a) a protective accessory for a mobile device; (b) an electric lighter mechanism integrated into the protective accessory, the lighter mechani ...

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A single- and dual-chamber module-attachable wafer-handling chamber includes: a wafer-handling main chamber equipped with a wafer-handling robot therein, and adaptors for connecting process modules to the wafer-handling main chamber. The adaptors are detachably attached to the sides of the wafer-han ...