Venson Shaw, Sangar Dowlatkhah: Network edge based access network discovery and selection. AT&T INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY I, Amin Turocy & Watson, April 18, 2017: US09629076 (14 worldwide citation)

An edge device comprising access network discovery and selection function (ANDSF) features is disclosed. An edge device can be a device located at a logical edge of a wireless network. An edge ANDSF component can rank access network resources. The rank can be based on characteristics of an access ne ...

Xiaofeng Li: Electronic flameless candle. Perking Coie, April 18, 2017: US09625112 (2 worldwide citation)

An electronic flameless candle including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, a sidewall between the top surface and the bottom surface, and a cavity defined by the top surface, the bottom surface and the sidewall, the body configured in shape and size to simulate a true flame candle. The ...



Hsiang Yun I: Power connector having a transparent observation portion to view the status of a contact limiting member. ATOM TECHNOLOGY, Muncy Geissler Olds & Lowe P C, April 18, 2017: US09627821 (1 worldwide citation)

A power connector having an observation portion includes a housing, a live wire conductive member, a live wire contact plate and a neutral wire conductive member. The live wire contact plate has an elastic force to move away from the live wire conductive member. The live wire conductive member and t ...

Matthew J Eyring, Jeremy B Warren, James E Nye, Jason C Flint, James Beagley, Wallace E Day, Christopher L Harris, JonPaul Vega: Smart door lock. Vivint, Holland & Hart, April 18, 2017: US09626814 (1 worldwide citation)

In some embodiments, systems, methods, and techniques relating to security and/or automation systems, collectively referred to as automation systems, may include determining a presence of a first device proximate at least one entry to a location, obtaining information related to an identification of ...

Keith L Kingston, Matthew Myers, Wee Joung Kim: Golf club head with adjustable weighting. Callaway Golf Company, Rebecca Hanovice, Michael Catania, Sonia Lari, April 18, 2017: US09623294 (1 worldwide citation)

A golf club head comprising a means for adjusting the location of the center of gravity is disclosed herein. In particular, the golf club head of the present invention comprises a first channel that includes a rail extending upwards from its floor and a second channel including a groove extending in ...

Eric M Henriksen: Expandable rim width insert. Bridgestone Bandag, April 18, 2017: US09623617 (1 worldwide citation)

A machine for retreading tires includes a rotatable hub and an expandable rim disposed around the moveable hub. The expandable rim includes a plurality of shoes, each shoe having a flange segment on either side of a rim segment of the plurality of shoes. An adapter is attached to each of the flange ...

Matthew Myers, James A Seluga, Patrick Dawson: Golf club head with adjustable center of gravity. Callaway Golf Company, Rebecca Hanovice, Michael Catania, Sonia Lari, April 18, 2017: US09623302 (1 worldwide citation)

A golf club head with means for adjusting a center of gravity location along more than one axis is disclosed herein. The golf club head comprises one or more adjustable features, including a weight arm for receiving removable weights, e.g., slidable weights, weight screws, and invertible weight cart ...

James H Jannard: Modular motion camera. RED COM, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 18, 2017: US09628679 (1 worldwide citation)

Modular digital motion camera systems are disclosed. Individual modules may be removed from the system and replaced, such as to benefit from upgraded technology, while preserving the remaining modules in the system. The modules may be disassembled and reconstructed to convert the physical form of th ...

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