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Methods are described herein for selectively etching titanium nitride relative to dielectric films, which may include, for example, alternative metals and metal oxides lacking in titanium and/or silicon-containing films (e.g. silicon oxide, silicon carbon nitride and low-K dielectric films). The met ...

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Technology is described for providing audio for digital content. The digital content may be provided to a plurality of devices. Each device may be associated with a profile. At least one group of profiles may be identified from the plurality of devices that share an affiliation. The group of profile ...

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A system, method and computer-readable medium for request routing. A DNS server at a content delivery network service provider obtains a DNS query corresponding to a resource requested from a client computing device and associated with a first resource identifier. The first resource identifier inclu ...

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A system may include a memory storing a turbomachinery degradation model configured to model degradation of a turbine system over time. Further, the system may include a controller communicatively coupled to the memory, which derives a turbomachinery wash timing based on at least one input signal fr ...

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Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for an unmanned aerial system inspection system. One of the methods is performed by a UAV and includes receiving, by the UAV, flight information describing a job to perform an inspection of a rooftop. A p ...

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A light-emitting diode (LED) tube lamp comprises a lamp tube, a first rectifying circuit, a filtering circuit and an LED driving module. The lamp tube has a first pin and a second pin for receiving an external driving signal. The first rectifying circuit is coupled to the first and second pins, for ...

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A computer-implemented method for identifying abnormal computer behavior includes receiving, at a computer server subsystem, data that characterizes subsets of particular document object models for web pages rendered by particular client computers; identifying clusters from the data that characteriz ...

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The invention provides polynucleotides and methods for expressing light-activated proteins in animal cells and altering an action potential of the cells by optical stimulation. The invention also provides animal cells and non-human animals comprising cells expressing the light-activated proteins.