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The multi-stage transmission comprises four planetary gear sets, eight rotatable shafts and six shift elements. Sun of first set is connected to fifth shaft which is couplable, via third brake, to housing. Drive shaft is connectable, via first clutch, to fourth shaft connected to ring of first set a ...

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Methods and systems for enrolling biometric data that is easier to use and provides a more positive end user experience. Additionally, machine readable medium storing instructions configurable to achieve the results when executed by a computing device are also provided.

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For a controller for managing a network including managed forwarding elements that forward data in the network, a method for configuring a set of managed forwarding elements is described. The method generates a first set of flow entries for configuring the set of managed forwarding elements to forwa ...

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An optical attachment feature of a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system includes an enclosure, a trim, a reflector, and a diffuser. The enclosure can include an enclosure wall forming a cavity and an enclosure collar having a first profile. The trim can include a trim collar that abuts to the ...

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A computing system device with processor(s) and memory displays a video monitoring user interface on the display. The video monitoring user interface includes a first region for displaying a live video feed and/or a recorded video feed from the video camera and a second region for displaying a event ...

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A drive mechanism for a drug delivery device having a rotationally fixed plunger rod driven by a lead screw. The lead screw engages a free lock which is coupled to a release knob. A dose setting dial cooperates with an inner cylinder using a clutch to establish the axial movement of the plunger rod ...

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A prosthetic capsular device configured to be inserted in an eye includes a housing structure and a ring structure. The housing structure includes a first side, a second side opposite the first side, a third side, a fourth side opposite the third side, a posterior side including a refractive surface ...

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A wing skin, which was secured to a wing structure by a plurality of fasteners extending through the wing skin, is removed from the wing and aligned with a template. Template holes are drilled through the template corresponding to each of the fastener holes of the wing skin. The template is then ali ...

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In one aspect of the disclosed implementations, a device includes one or more motion sensors for sensing motion of the device and providing activity data indicative of the sensed motion. The device also includes one or more processors for monitoring the activity data, and receiving or generating ann ...

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Embodiments are directed to an automated control system having a memory and a processor system communicatively coupled to the memory. The processor system is configured to perform a method including determining that a body area network of an occupant of a vehicle has reported, during operation of th ...