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A golf club head comprising a body, at least one weight cartridge, and a plurality of hollow tubes is disclosed herein. The body comprises a face section, a sole section, and a return section, and also defines a hollow interior. Each of the plurality of hollow tubes extends from the return section t ...

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Compositions which are based on tetrafluoropropene and more particularly relates to compositions including 60% to 90% by weight of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and 10% to 40% by weight of at least one compound selected from difluoroethane and difluoromethane, which can be used as a heat transfer fluid ...

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A welding helmet 10 that has a face shield 12 that has a native width NW and that has a lens 14 disposed in the face shield 12. A spreader bar 30 can expand the face shield 12 from its native width NW to an increased width IW to allow the welding shield 10 to easily accommodate earmuffs 16 worn by t ...

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A method for performing health risk assessments for a patient in a home or medical facility is provided. In various embodiments, the method comprises compiling depth image data from at least one depth camera associated with a particular patient, and generating at least one three-dimensional object b ...

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Electrical connectors, electrical modules, and systems are provided. In one aspect, an electrical connector includes a housing defining a side surface, an electrical conductor supported by the housing and including an engagement portion proximate the side surface of the housing. The engagement porti ...

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Information is gathered from merchants such as car dealers by online forms or other means soliciting particular differentiating factors such as services and specialties (e.g., languages spoken, financing options, other information). When a consumer desires to perform a search, he or she is asked by ...

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A backend system for a fleet of autonomous vehicles (AVs) for a given region can store a spectrum heat map indicating network coverage strength for a plurality of network types sourced at base stations located throughout the given region. The backend system can dynamically receive network quality da ...

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A flood warning system and method are described. The system obtains localized flood depth information and, based upon alert parameter information provided by registered users, creates personalized flood alerts for the registered users. The method uses ultrasound derived localized flood depth informa ...

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A clip for mounting devices on a hat brim includes a first and second panel. The panels are each resiliently connected to a nose portion and separated by a spacing that tapers to a contact point from the distal portions of the panels to their proximal portions. The second panel has a wedge-shaped po ...

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A golf club head comprising a body and a plurality of carbon tubes is disclosed herein. The body comprises a face section, a sole section and a crown section. The body defines a hollow interior. Each of the plurality of carbon tubes extends from the crown section to the sole section.