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A system comprises a network interface to receive a stream of packets from a network, insert each of the packets into a buffer in memory of a graphics processing unit using direct memory access, assign each of the packets an index representing an offset indicating a location in the memory of the gra ...

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A golf club head comprising a body, at least one weight cartridge, and a plurality of hollow tubes is disclosed herein. The body comprises a face section, a sole section, and a return section, and also defines a hollow interior. Each of the plurality of hollow tubes extends from the return section t ...

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A flood warning system and method are described. The system obtains localized flood depth information and, based upon alert parameter information provided by registered users, creates personalized flood alerts for the registered users. The method uses ultrasound derived localized flood depth informa ...

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A golf club head comprising a body and a plurality of carbon tubes is disclosed herein. The body comprises a face section, a sole section and a crown section. The body defines a hollow interior. Each of the plurality of carbon tubes extends from the crown section to the sole section.

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A foldable display apparatus including a display panel configured to include a display area including a first display area, a second display area, and a bending area, a first panel supporting member configured to support a first area of the display panel corresponding to the first display area, a se ...

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The present invention relates to a toner having a toner particle containing a binder resin containing a styrene acrylic resin and a block polymer, wherein the block polymer has a polyester segment and a vinyl polymer segment and has a melting point of 55° C. to 90° C., the polyester segment has a sp ...

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A method for performing health risk assessments for a patient in a home or medical facility is provided. In various embodiments, the method comprises compiling depth image data from at least one depth camera associated with a particular patient, and generating at least one three-dimensional object b ...

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A system includes a medical device and a charging device. A sterile barrier may be interposed between the medical device and the charging device. The medical device includes an integral power source and an active element. The charging device is configured to charge the integral power source. The cha ...

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A backend system for a fleet of autonomous vehicles (AVs) for a given region can store a spectrum heat map indicating network coverage strength for a plurality of network types sourced at base stations located throughout the given region. The backend system can dynamically receive network quality da ...