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A noninvasive physiological sensor for measuring one or more physiological parameters of a medical patient can include a bump interposed between a light source and a photodetector. The bump can be placed in contact with body tissue of a patient and thereby reduce a thickness of the body tissue. As a ...

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For wearable device authentication and operation, code authenticates the wearable device to an electronic device. In addition, the code performs a wearable device operation in response to an operation command from the electronic device.

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Controlling an audio volume is disclosed. An indicator identifying a force intensity of a touch input provided on a touch input surface is received. It is determined that the touch input is associated with an audio volume control. The audio volume is controlled based at least in part on the indicato ...

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An electric vaporizer heating chamber that provides a user with two options for heating various smoke forming substances has a first heating compartment and a second heating compartment. The first heating compartment and second heating compartment are enclosed by a chamber casing and are positioned ...


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Example embodiments of the present invention provide a method, an apparatus and a computer-program product for bandwidth management in a metro-cluster data replication environment. The method includes receiving an I/O at a first site and replicating the I/O from the first site to a second site by sy ...

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Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for ground control point assignment and determination. One of the methods includes receiving information describing a flight plan for the UAV to implement, the flight plan identifying one or more waypoint ...

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In one embodiment, the method of processing telephony sessions includes: communicating with an application server using an application layer protocol; processing telephony instructions with a call router; and creating call router resources accessible through a call router Application Programming Int ...

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This invention discloses methods and apparatus for providing a variable optic insert into an ophthalmic lens. A liquid crystal layer may be used to provide a variable optic function and in some examples, an alignment layer for the liquid crystal layer may be patterned in a cycloidally dependent mann ...

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A scooter having at least two front wheels, a rear wheel, a deck, a steering assembly that includes a handlebar and a steering tube, an electric motor configured to provide power, and a transmission configured to transfer the power provided by the electric motor. The transmission can be configured t ...