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Methods and systems for optimizing wireless charging are provided. The method may include identifying, by a charging controller, charging apparatus location information associated with a wireless charging apparatus configured to direct charging beams, and identifying, by the charging controller, an ...

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A cell circuit and corresponding layout is disclosed to include linear-shaped diffusion fins defined to extend over a substrate in a first direction so as to extend parallel to each other. Each of the linear-shaped diffusion fins is defined to project upward from the substrate along their extent in ...

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A system provides post-match control of microwaves in a radial waveguide. The system includes the radial waveguide, and a signal generator that provides first and second microwave signals that have a common frequency. The signal generator adjusts a phase offset between the first and second signals i ...

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A computer implemented method, system, and program product for creating snapshots instructions at a replication site, the method comprising determining the differences between a first snapshot at a first time of a LUN and a second snapshot at a second time of the LUN, determining the differences bet ...

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A system for operating third party proprietary software on a medical monitoring device operating native proprietary software and a system for obtaining compatible third party proprietary software for operation on the monitoring device.

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A method of etching exposed silicon on patterned heterogeneous structures is described and includes a gas phase etch using plasma effluents formed in a remote plasma. The remote plasma excites a fluorine-containing precursor. Plasma effluents within the remote plasma are flowed into a substrate proc ...

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Aspects of the present disclosure include a sensor configured to store in memory indications of sensor use information and formulas or indications of formulas for determining the useful life of a sensor from the indications of sensor use information. A monitor connected to the sensor monitors sensor ...

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Energy-efficient gasification-based multi-generation apparatus, facilities, or systems, and methods of modifying existing gasification-based multi-generation apparatus and the various conventional thermal coupling arrangements, are provided. Apparatus for managing waste heat recovery through integra ...

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Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a transmission device that includes a first coupler that guides a first electromagnetic wave to a first junction to form a second electromagnetic wave that is guided to propagate along the outer surface of the transmission medium via one or ...