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The embodiment relates to a wireless power transmission apparatus and a wireless power transmission method. The wireless power transmission apparatus includes a first power converting unit to generate high-frequency AC signals; a second power converting unit to generate low-frequency AC signals; a f ...

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A user is guided through various setup routines to optimize speaker parameters and/or positions and/or frequency assignations for the particular space in which the speaker system is located and intended to be used. This can be done using an application downloaded from a cloud server to a smart phone ...

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Disclosed are methods, systems and devices for operation of non-volatile memory devices. In one aspect, a non-volatile memory device may be placed in any one of multiple memory states in a write operation by controlling a current and a voltage applied to terminals of the non-volatile memory device. ...

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A method for noninvasively measuring analyte levels includes using a non-imaging OCT-based system to scan a two-dimensional area of biological tissue and gather data continuously during the scanning. Structures within the tissue where measured-analyte-induced changes to the OCT data dominate over ch ...

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A system that detects audio including speech using a spherical sensor array estimates a direction of arrival of the speech using a Kalman filter. To improve the estimates of the Kalman filter, the system estimates a noise covariance matrix, representing noise detected by the array. The structure of ...

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Systems and methods for calibrating a loudspeaker with a connection to a microphone located at a listening area in a room. The loudspeaker includes self-calibration functions to adjust speaker characteristics according to effects generated by operating the loudspeaker in the room. In one example, th ...

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A system for magnetic detection may include a nitrogen vacancy (NV) diamond material, a radio frequency (RF) excitation source, an optical excitation source, an optical detector, a magnetic field generator, and a controller. The controller may control the excitation sources to apply a first pulse se ...

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In one aspect, a method includes providing virtual volumes (VVols) and mappings from the VVols to corresponding data storage devices to an I/O filter in a first virtual machine (VM), sending control path commands sent from the first VM to a control-path manager VM, the first VM and the control-path ...

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A computer implemented method, system, and computer program product for use replication comprising parsing a file system containing one or more virtual disks (VMD) to determine what portion of the VMDK is thinly provisioned and ignoring, by the vDPA, initialization IO noted determined to be directed ...

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A cover member of an electronic device is provided. The cover member includes covers hingedly connected, wherein each cover includes a power receiving member configured to wirelessly receive power.