Brian Thomas
Matthew L Mroczkowski, Russell M Parrott, Brian H Thomas: Glenoid implant with synthetic labrum. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, January 24, 2017: US09549820

A prosthetic glenoid component for replicating the behavior of a patient's natural glenoid includes a rim that replicates the patient's natural glenoid labrum.

Ulf Ackelid: Method and apparatus for additive manufacturing. Arcam, Alston & Bird, January 24, 2017: US09550207 (33 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments provide a method and apparatus for forming a three-dimensional article through successive fusion of parts of at least one layer of a powder bed provided on a work table in an additive manufacturing machine, which parts corresponds to successive cross sections of the three-dimensi ...

Peter Spalding VanLund, Kurt Wesley Piersol, James David Meyers, Jacob Michael Simpson, Vikram Kumar Gundeti, David Robert Thomas, Andrew Christopher Miles: Application focus in speech-based systems. Amazon Technologies, Lee & Hayes PLLC, January 24, 2017: US09552816 (32 worldwide citation)

A speech-based system includes an audio device in a user premises and a network-based service that supports use of the audio device by multiple applications. The audio device may be directed to play audio content such as music, audio books, etc. The audio device may also be directed to interact with ...

Marcelo Lamego, Mohamed K Diab, Ammar Al Ali: Physiological parameter confidence measure. CERCACOR LABORATORIES, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 24, 2017: US09549696 (30 worldwide citation)

Confidence in a physiological parameter is measured from physiological data responsive to the intensity of multiple wavelengths of optical radiation after tissue attenuation. The physiological parameter is estimated based upon the physiological data. Reference data clusters are stored according to k ...

Ethan L Miller, Benjamin Borowiec, Steve Hodgson: Cloud alert to replica. Pure Storage, Edward J Lenart, Kennedy Lenart Spragins, January 24, 2017: US09552248 (24 worldwide citation)

Systems, methods, and computer readable storage mediums for generating an alert on a failure of a storage subsystem to phone home to the cloud in a replication environment. A dataset is replicated from a first storage subsystem to a second storage subsystem. The first and second storage subsystems a ...

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This disclosure describes a system and method for operating an automated aerial vehicle wherein the battery life may be extended by performing one or more electricity generation procedures on the way to a destination (e.g., a delivery location for an item). In various implementations, the electricit ...

Joseph W Hahn, Gregory S Bruce, Duc Huynh, Wilbur Lew: Diamond nitrogen vacancy sensor with common RF and magnetic fields generator. LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION, Foley & Lardner, January 24, 2017: US09551763 (19 worldwide citation)

Systems and apparatuses are disclosed for providing a uniform RF field and magnetic bias field to a nitrogen vacancy center diamond.

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A light fixture assembly includes a housing having an interior surface, a ballast mounted on the interior surface of the housing, a first reflector releasably coupled to the interior surface of the housing, the ballast being substantially enclosed between the housing and the first reflector when the ...

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Vaporization devices and methods of operating them. In particular, described herein are methods for controlling the power applied to a resistive heater of a vaporization device by measuring the resistance of the resistive heater at discrete intervals. Changes in the resistance during heating may be ...

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A distributed information processing system comprises first and second sites, which may comprise respective production and replica sites. A snapshot of a first portion of a complex asset is generated at the first site and sent to the second site, and a second portion of the complex asset is replicat ...