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A system and method for wireless transmission of high-definition audio and video signals include providing lossless raw video data wirelessly to a soundbar from a headunit to eliminate the multitude of wires that traditionally connect to a television in a home theater. In one embodiment, a wireless ...

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Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a transmission device that includes at least one transceiver configured to modulate data to generate a plurality of first electromagnetic waves. A plurality of couplers are configured to couple at least a portion of the plurality of first e ...

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A method for filler insertions in a circuit layout having a cell row of standard cells and gaps between the standard cells is disclosed. First, a set of filler classes, each filler class having a set of filler cells, is classified that are configured to fill the gaps depending on a design requiremen ...

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A system, method and computer-readable medium for client-side processing of resource identifiers. A client request for content is returned that includes information for generating a request for translation information and a number of embedded resource identifiers. Based on the information for genera ...

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An apparatus, method, and computer program product are described that can receive a signal from a tangible object, where the signal includes an indication of an operation to be executed upon receipt of a user input applied by the tangible object, and that can determine the operation based on the ind ...

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According to certain described aspects, multiple acoustic sensing elements are employed in a variety of beneficial ways to provide improved physiological monitoring, among other advantages. In various embodiments, sensing elements can be advantageously employed in a single sensor package, in multipl ...

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The present disclosure relates to a sensor for monitoring the depth of consciousness of a patient. The sensor includes a plurality of light sources, light detectors, and in some embodiments, electrodes. In an embodiment, the sensor includes reusable and disposable portions.

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Aspects of the present invention relate to methods and systems for imaging, recognizing, and tracking of a user's eye that is wearing a HWC. Aspects further relate to the processing of images reflected from the user's eye and controlling displayed content in accordance therewith. Aspects further rel ...

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Transmission line driver systems are described which are comprised of multiple paralleled driver elements. The paralleled structure allows efficient generation of multiple output signal levels with adjustable output amplitude, optionally including Finite Impulse Response signal shaping and skew pre- ...

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A system for magnetic detection of an external magnetic field is disclosed. The system includes a nitrogen vacancy (NV) diamond material comprising a plurality of NV centers, a magnetic field generator that generates a magnetic field, a radio frequency (RF) excitation source that provides RF excitat ...