John N Border: Eye imaging in head worn computing. Osterhout Group, GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates, December 27, 2016: US09529192 (19 worldwide citation)

Aspects of the present invention relate to methods and systems for imaging, recognizing, and tracking of a user's eye that is wearing a HWC. Aspects further relate to the processing of images reflected from the user's eye and controlling displayed content in accordance therewith.



David T Martin, Aaron J Brickner, Daniel J Mumaw, Daniel L Geiger: Articulation control for surgical instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, December 27, 2016: US09526495 (16 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument comprises an elongate shaft having a proximal end, a distal end, and an articulating portion. An end effector is on the distal end and an actuator is on the proximal end. A rod is in the shaft having a proximal end with a cam follower, a distal end operably connected to the art ...

Scott B Rollefstad: Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with active energy harvesting and power management. Scott B Rollefstad, Hayes Soloway P C, December 27, 2016: US09527588 (14 worldwide citation)

A method of harvesting and managing energy from air currents, by small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) having a plurality of powered and unpowered rotors, to increase the aircraft's flight time, especially where the mission requires extensive hovering and loitering, is provided. Conventional powered ...

Christopher T Rusin: Electric stapler device. COVIDIEN, December 27, 2016: US09526564 (11 worldwide citation)

An end effector assembly adapted to couple to an electrosurgical instrument, the end effector assembly including a plurality of spaced apart small seal plates on opposing jaw members where each seal plate forms a pair of seal plates with the corresponding seal plate on the opposing jaw member. Each ...

Stephen S Murphy, Darryl C Galvan, Richard L Cleghorn, Grant M Martens, David S Cornelius: Golf club head. Acushnet Company, Randy K Chang, December 27, 2016: US09526956 (9 worldwide citation)

A golf club head comprising a variable thickness profile comprising a thick central portion; a transition portion; and a thin perimeter portion; wherein said transition portion surrounds said thick central portion; wherein said thin perimeter portion surrounds said transition portion; wherein said t ...

John H Zhang, Carl Radens, Steven J Bentley, Brian A Cohen, Kwan Yong Lim: Methods of forming vertical transistor devices with self-aligned top source/drain conductive contacts. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Amerson Law Firm PLLC, December 27, 2016: US09530866 (7 worldwide citation)

Forming a first sidewall spacer adjacent a vertically oriented channel semiconductor structure (“VCS structure’) and adjacent a cap layer, performing at least one planarization process so as to planarize an insulating material and expose an upper surface of the cap layer and an upper surface of the ...

Kenneth P Weiss: Method and apparatus for secure access payment and identification. UNIVERSAL SECURE REGISTRY, Lando & Anastasi, December 27, 2016: US09530137 (7 worldwide citation)

According to one aspect, the invention provides a system for authenticating identities of a plurality of users. In one embodiment, the system includes a first handheld device including a wireless transceiver which is configured to transmit authentication information, a second device including a wire ...

Carlos Ramos, Wayne Miller: Waterproof apparatus for cables and cable interfaces. Mimosa Networks, Carr & Ferrell, December 27, 2016: US09531114 (7 worldwide citation)

Waterproof apparatus for cables and cable interfaces are provided herein. An exemplary apparatus includes a coupler body that includes a first end configured to releaseably couple with a connector bulkhead and a second end having an opening that is sized to receive a sealing gland, a cavity for rece ...

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