Kenneth P Weiss: Method and apparatus for secure access payment and identification. UNIVERSAL SECURE REGISTRY, Lando & Anastasi, December 27, 2016: US09530137 (26 worldwide citation)

According to one aspect, the invention provides a system for authenticating identities of a plurality of users. In one embodiment, the system includes a first handheld device including a wireless transceiver which is configured to transmit authentication information, a second device including a wire ...



Scott B Rollefstad: Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with active energy harvesting and power management. Scott B Rollefstad, Hayes Soloway P C, December 27, 2016: US09527588 (23 worldwide citation)

A method of harvesting and managing energy from air currents, by small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) having a plurality of powered and unpowered rotors, to increase the aircraft's flight time, especially where the mission requires extensive hovering and loitering, is provided. Conventional powered ...

John N Border: Eye imaging in head worn computing. Osterhout Group, GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates, December 27, 2016: US09529192 (22 worldwide citation)

Aspects of the present invention relate to methods and systems for imaging, recognizing, and tracking of a user's eye that is wearing a HWC. Aspects further relate to the processing of images reflected from the user's eye and controlling displayed content in accordance therewith.

Christopher T Rusin: Electric stapler device. COVIDIEN, December 27, 2016: US09526564 (20 worldwide citation)

An end effector assembly adapted to couple to an electrosurgical instrument, the end effector assembly including a plurality of spaced apart small seal plates on opposing jaw members where each seal plate forms a pair of seal plates with the corresponding seal plate on the opposing jaw member. Each ...

Assaf Natanzon, Saar Cohen, David Black, Erin Bournival: Maintaining consistent point-in-time in asynchronous replication during virtual machine relocation. EMC IP HOLDING COMPANY, Daly Crowley Mofford & Durkee, December 27, 2016: US09529885 (19 worldwide citation)

In one aspect, a method includes pausing write I/Os for a second virtual machine running at a second site, generating a snapshot of a first virtual machine running at a first site after pausing the write I/Os for the second virtual machine, generating a bookmark for the second virtual machine, resum ...

David T Martin, Aaron J Brickner, Daniel J Mumaw, Daniel L Geiger: Articulation control for surgical instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, December 27, 2016: US09526495 (17 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument comprises an elongate shaft having a proximal end, a distal end, and an articulating portion. An end effector is on the distal end and an actuator is on the proximal end. A rod is in the shaft having a proximal end with a cam follower, a distal end operably connected to the art ...

Nikica Maljkovic: Neck polymeric ammunition casing geometry. MAC, December 27, 2016: US09528799 (16 worldwide citation)

Ammunition casings that have optimal external cartridge dimensions for polymeric cases are provided. Polymeric ammunition cartridges and casings are presented having a neck portion of the polymeric case dimensioned for optimal fit within a firearm chamber. The polymeric ammunition casing may include ...

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A method for providing automatic control of one or more devices in an environment including assessing information for the devices being paired with a hub or with a central server where the hub and the central server are configured to receive status messages from the devices and to issue commands to ...