Dorin Panescu, Josef Vincent Koblish, Eric Andrew Schultheis, Jessi E Johnson: Medical instruments with multiple temperature sensors. Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 13, 2016: US09517103 (3 worldwide citation)

According to some embodiments, a medical instrument (for example, an ablation device) comprises an elongate body having a proximal end and a distal end, an energy delivery member positioned at the distal end of the elongate body, a first plurality of temperature-measurement devices carried by or pos ...

Ashok Bhandari, Dinesh V Patel, Genet Zemede, Larry C Mattheakis, David Liu: A4B7 peptide monomer and dimer antagonists. Cooley, December 13, 2016: US09518091 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to peptide dimer compounds and peptide monomer compounds that potently inhibit binding of α4β7 to the mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule (MAdCAM) in vivo, possess high selectivity against α4β1 binding, and have high stability under gastrointestinal conditions.

Derek Djeu: Vacuum seeder. QuickPatents, Kevin Prince, December 13, 2016: US09516804 (3 worldwide citation)

A vacuum seeder for dispersing seeds at regular intervals into a seeding mechanism includes a pipe having first and second ends, at least one circumferential row of apertures therethrough, the pipe being rotatably mounted to a frame that moves along the ground. A vacuum mechanism is fixed with the s ...

Timothy David Kentley, Rachad Youssef Gamara, Sagar Behere: Internal safety systems for robotic vehicles. Zoox, Lee & Hayes PLLC, December 13, 2016: US09517767 (3 worldwide citation)

Systems, apparatus and methods implemented in algorithms, hardware, software, firmware, logic, or circuitry may be configured to process data and sensory input to determine whether an object external to an autonomous vehicle (e.g., another vehicle, a pedestrian, road debris, a bicyclist, etc.) may b ...

R Marie Tieck, Jacob E Pananen, Afshin Bazargan, Juan M Alderete Jr: Smart connection interface. MEDTRONIC MINIMED, Foley & Lardner, December 13, 2016: US09517299 (3 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for a connection interface between a reservoir or syringe, infusion set tubing, and an infusion pump is provided. The reservoir, a base and a cap are connected to form an integrated unit that is capable of being inserted and secured in an infusion pump housing. The cap and the ...

Andrew G Bomstad, Thomas J Petersen, Joseph A Schulz, Gregory T Johnson, Mark F Gerrits: Methods and apparatuses for controlling a manufacturing line used to convert a paper web into paper products by reading marks on the paper web. Georgia Pacific Consumer Products, Laura L Bozek, December 13, 2016: US09518362 (3 worldwide citation)

A system for producing a paper product. The system includes a paper machine, an analysis tool, and a converting line. The paper machine forms a paper web having a plurality of sections, inspects the paper web to identify properties, and marks the paper web with a plurality of marks, at least one mar ...

Stilian Ivanov Pandev, Alexander Kuznetsov, Gregory R Brady, Andrei V Shchegrov, Noam Sapiens, John J Hench: Compressive sensing for metrology. KLA Tencor Corporation, Kwan & Olynick, December 13, 2016: US09518916 (3 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are apparatus and methods for determining a structure or process parameter value of a target of interest on a semiconductor wafer. A plurality of collection patterns are defined for a spatial light beam controller positioned at a pupil image plane of a metrology tool. For each collection p ...

David Kummer, Germar Schaefer: Smartcard encryption cycling. ECHOSTAR TECHNOLOGIES L L C, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, December 13, 2016: US09521440 (3 worldwide citation)

Various arrangements for encrypting multiple television channels are presented. A first television channel of a plurality of television channels to be protected via a first entitlement control message (ECM) using a first encryption scheme may be designated. The plurality of television channels may b ...

Michael W Happel, Jessica P Tebbe, Lowell Seal: Hardhat accessory interchange system. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, December 13, 2016: US09516911 (3 worldwide citation)

An interchangeable accessory system for hardhats is disclosed which includes two accessory interchange assemblies that permit accessories such as face shields and welding shields to be attached to and removed from a hardhat while the hardhat remains on the head of the user.

Nicholas Herling, Marc Heinke: Container for liquids and set for making the same. Precidio Design, December 13, 2016: US09516974 (3 worldwide citation)

Components are disclosed as part of a set which may be used to form containers. Components of the set may be interchangeably substituted for one another so that various different possible containers may be made from a set. A set may include an outer vessel having a first cavity, an inner vessel rece ...

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