Ravi Manghirmalani, Ramesh Mishra, Ramesh Subrahmaniam: Method and apparatus for providing network applications monitoring. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, December 13, 2016: US09519563 (6 worldwide citation)

A method for providing network performance monitoring using a performance database manager (PDM) is disclosed. A PDM has a PDM state manager, a communications server (COM server), a communications client (COM client), and an application database (AppDB). The PDM is configured to communicate with a n ...

Tatyana Dyakonov, Sunil Agnihotri, Aqeel A Fatmi: Fumarate ester pharmaceutical compositions. Banner Life Sciences, Brinks Gilson & Lione, December 13, 2016: US09517209 (5 worldwide citation)

Described herein are pharmaceutical compositions comprising fumarate esters, methods for making the same, and methods for treating subjects in need thereof. In particular, oral pharmaceutical compositions comprising fumarate esters are described.

Jason Blain, Eric Kovach: Vertebral facet joint drill and method of use. Spinal Elements, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 13, 2016: US09517077 (5 worldwide citation)

Devices and methods for creating lumens in the articular process of the vertebra are provided. An embodiment of the invention can be a tool that can cut a curved lumen through the articular process. The tool can have a lumen-forming arm with a rotating drill contained within that can be powered by a ...

John Lesmeister: Bathtub drain stopper assembly and screen. John Lesmeister, Charles Siegerdt, Michael P Mazza, December 13, 2016: US09518383 (5 worldwide citation)

A drain stopper assembly for a bathtub having a drain aperture, and a method for using the assembly. A guide rod may be slid within a guide slide, allowing a gasket to be sealed or unsealed against the drain aperture. Magnets or, alternatively, a spring-loaded mechanism, may be used to facilitate se ...

John A Lane, Vuong B Nguyen, Kristin Ann Alisanski: Continuous patient monitoring. Welch Allyn, Merchant & Gould P C, December 13, 2016: US09517012 (5 worldwide citation)

A system for providing continuous monitoring of a patient includes: a first monitor device configured to measure one or more physiological attributes associated with the patient, the first monitor device being a contactless device; and a second monitor device configured to measure one or more physio ...

Michael G Robinson, Graham John Woodgate, Jonathan Harrold: Directional flat illuminators. RealD, Neil G J Mothew, Penny L Lowry, December 13, 2016: US09519153 (5 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an optical valve or light valve for providing large area collimated illumination from localized light sources, and system and method thereof for 2D, 3D, and/or autosteroscopic displays. An optical valve may include a stepped structure, in which the steps include separated extraction fea ...

Chia Hui Chen, Yen Ting Chen: Hinge device capable of extending rotational angle. LIANHONG ART, Guice Patents PLLC, December 13, 2016: US09518414 (4 worldwide citation)

A hinge device includes a housing comprising two half-housings, a first extending module comprising two half-members disposed in the housing, a second extending module comprising two half sliding members and disposed on an outer side of the first extending module, a sliding device disposed between t ...

Xiaofeng Li: Electronic flameless candle. Perkins Coie, December 13, 2016: US09518710 (4 worldwide citation)

An electronic flameless candle including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, a sidewall between the top surface and the bottom surface, and a cavity defined by the top surface, the bottom surface and the sidewall, the body configured in shape and size to simulate a true flame candle. The ...

Gary N Wortz, Rick William Ifland: Prosthetic capsular devices, systems, and methods. Omega Ophthalmics, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 13, 2016: US09517127 (4 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic capsular device configured to be inserted in an eye includes a housing structure and a ring structure. The housing structure includes a first side, a second side opposite the first side, a third side, a fourth side opposite the third side, a posterior side including a refractive surface ...

Arturo A Rodriguez, James Au, Jan De Lameillieure, Samie Beheydt: Managing splice points for non-seamless concatenated bitstreams. TECH 5, Brian J Dorini, Jerome G Schaefer, December 13, 2016: US09521420 (4 worldwide citation)

Receiving a video stream in a transport stream comprising a plurality of compressed pictures, wherein information in the video stream includes plural data fields comprising: a first data field corresponding to a location in the video stream of a potential splice point, wherein the first data field i ...

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