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Disclosed is hybrid communication in which a first message from a guided surface wave probe node is embedded in a guided surface wave, and a second message from a guided surface wave receive node uses a different messaging mechanism.

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A combination touch and transducer input system is provided, which facilitates user input into an electronic system with a finger and/or a transducer (e.g., a stylus). The system includes a transducer configured to generate an electric field, and a sensor including an array of electrodes and a contr ...

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An Internet of Things system and method are described. For example, one embodiment of a system comprises: an IoT hub comprising a WAN interface to couple the IoT hub to an IoT service over the WAN, and a local communication interface to communicatively couple the IoT hub to a plurality of different ...

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The present invention discloses an e-beam inspection tool, and an apparatus for detecting defects. In one aspect is described an apparatus for detecting defects that includes a dual-deflection system that moves the e-beam over the integrated circuit to each of the plurality of predetermined location ...

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Stacked semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same are disclosed. First tier workpieces are mounted on a top surface of a semiconductor device to form first tier stacks, the semiconductor device comprising one or more integrated circuit dies, the semiconductor device having one or more te ...

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Aspects of the present invention relate to methods and systems for the see-through computer display systems with a wide field of view.

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A system and method for the management of client computing device DNS queries and subsequent resource requests within a content delivery network service provider domain are provided. The management of the DNS queries can include the selection of computing devices corresponding to various Point of Pr ...

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Systems, methods, and computer-readable media provide content items to clients. In one implementation, a system stores data identifying a plurality of cache servers, the cache servers storing the content items for download by a plurality of clients. The system receives a request from a first one of ...

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Methods of forming flash memory cells are described which incorporate air gaps for improved performance. The methods are useful for so-called “2-d flat cell” flash architectures. 2-d flat cell flash memory involves a reactive ion etch to dig trenches into multi-layers containing high work function a ...

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Methods of patterning conductive layer with a mask are described. The methods include low-ion-mass sputtering of the conductive layer by accelerating (e.g. helium or hydrogen containing ions) toward a substrate which includes the patterned mask and the underlying conductive layer. The sputtering pro ...