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A cordless indicia reader including a multifunction coil that can be configured to either transmit or receive electromagnetic energy is disclosed. In this way, the multifunction coil facilitates both the wireless charging of a battery and the wireless deactivation of electronic article surveillance ...

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A quasi-optical coupling system launches and extracts surface wave communication transmissions from a wire. At millimeter-wave frequencies, where the wavelength is small compared to the macroscopic size of the equipment, the millimeter-wave transmissions can be transported from one place to another ...

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A method for feeding back channel information, and a user equipment (UE) therefore are discussed. The method according to one embodiment includes, if one or more cells are configured, performing a first feedback process and a second feeding process. The first feedback process is configured to transm ...

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Systems and methods which utilize spread spectrum sensing on live circuits to obtain information regarding a circuit under test are provided. In some embodiments S/SSTDR testing may be utilized to obtain R, L, C and Z measurements from circuit components. In yet further embodiments, these measuremen ...

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