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This disclosure describes a power unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that may generate a current from a magnetic field of an overhead power line. In various implementations, while the power UAV is flying, the power UAV may receive another UAV at a platform. A control element of the power UAV may generate ...

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An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) including a winch system, wherein the winch system includes a winch line having a first end that is secured to the payload, and wherein the winch system is controllable to vary the rate of descent of the payload, an inertial measurement unit positioned on the payload ...


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Aspects of the present invention relate to methods and systems for positioning content within an FOV of a HWC based on sensor feedback.

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A traffic signal system for congested trafficways has a plurality of stationary alarm light/sensor-reader combinations and mobile alarm light/sensor-reader combinations monitoring each other and monitory tags placed on individuals, machines, and hazards to provide real time alarms to not only pedest ...

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Techniques for handling contacts and agents in a contact center system are disclosed. In one particular embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a method for handling contacts and agents in a contact center system including identifying a plurality of contacts ordered for assignment to a plurali ...

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Methods of patterning a blanket layer (a target etch layer) on a substrate are described. The methods involve multiple patterning steps of a mask layer several layers above the target etch layer. The compound pattern, made from multiple patterning steps, is later transferred in one set of operations ...

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