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The invention relates to a tactile or contactless user interface device (50), comprising organic semiconductor components (52) made by depositing organic conducting and semiconducting material in liquid form on a dielectric support (54).

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Power management for a remote antenna unit(s) (RAUs) in a distributed antenna system. Power can be managed for an RAU configured to power modules and devices that may require more power to operate than power available to the RAU. For example, the RAU may be configured to include power-consuming RAU ...

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A tissue thickness compensator can comprise a plurality of fibers. Such fibers can include a plurality of first fibers comprised of a first material and a plurality of second fibers comprised of a second material. A tissue thickness compensator can comprise a plurality of layers wherein each layer c ...

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A system, method, and computer program product are provided for a touch or pressure signal-based interface. In operation, a touch or pressure signal is received in association with a touch interface of a device. To this end, a user experience is altered utilizing the signal. A system, method, and co ...

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A system for designing an integrated circuit includes at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code for one or more programs. The at least one memory and the computer program code are configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the system to receive a propo ...

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Methods of etching exposed silicon on patterned heterogeneous structures is described and includes a remote plasma etch formed from a fluorine-containing precursor and a hydrogen-containing precursor. Plasma effluents from the remote plasma are flowed into a substrate processing region where the pla ...

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One embodiment is directed to a user display device comprising a housing frame mountable on the head of the user, a lens mountable on the housing frame and a projection sub system coupled to the housing frame to determine a location of appearance of a display object in a field of view of the user ba ...

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Disclosed is an apparatus for use in wireless energy transfer, which includes a first resonator structure configured to transfer energy non-radiatively with a second resonator structure over a distance greater than a characteristic size of the second resonator structure. The non-radiative energy tra ...

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A heat-assisted magnetic recording head is configured to write data to and read data from a magnetic recording medium. The head comprises a reader and a writer including a near-field transducer (NFT). The reader comprises a center which is laterally offset relative to a center of the writer to defin ...

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A system to recognize text, objects, or symbols in a captured image using machine learning models reduces computational overhead by generating a plurality of thumbnail versions of the image at different downscaled resolutions and aspect ratios, and then processing the downscaled images instead of th ...