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A point of sale system capable of operating in an indicia-reading mode or a verification mode is disclosed. In the indicia-reading mode, the point of sale system configures its illumination, imaging, and processing to read indicia as part of a normal checkout process. If triggered by a user or by an ...

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Detecting a linear impairment in a cable under test by using a random signal transmitted down the cable. The impairment causes a reflected signal to be combined with the random signal. The combined signal extends over a plurality of sub-bands. A method and apparatus perform the steps of: (a) receivi ...

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A gateway may be configured to synchronize transmissions of a plurality of faulted circuit indicators (FCIs). The gateway may determine a time delay from a zero crossing of a power line signal and obtain network information from the at least one FCI from the plurality of FCIs. The gateway may identi ...

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This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for wireless power transfer and particularly wireless power transfer to remote systems such as electric vehicles. In one aspect, a wireless power receiver includes a first inductive element configured to receive wireless charging power from a t ...

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A surgical tool for use with a robotic system that includes a tool drive assembly that is operatively coupled to a control unit of the robotic system that is operable by inputs from an operator and is configured to robotically-generate output motions. A drive system is configured to interface with a ...

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Low temperature electronic vaporization devices and method are described herein for emulating smoking wherein the devices generate an aerosol for inhalation by a subject by heating a viscous material that can have a tactile response in the mouth or respiratory tract.

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Systems and methods for UAV safety are provided. An authentication system may be used to confirm UAV and/or user identity and provide secured communications between users and UAVs. The UAVs may operate in accordance with a set of flight regulations. The set of flight regulations may be associated wi ...

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