Eb Eshun
Shashank S Ekbote, Kwan Yong Lim, Ebenezer Eshun, Youn Sung Choi: Silicide formation due to improved SiGe faceting. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED, Jacqueline J Garner, Frank D Cimino, August 2, 2016: US09406769

An integrated circuit includes a PMOS gate structure and a gate structure on adjacent field oxide. An epitaxy hard mask is formed over the gate structure on the field oxide so that the epitaxy hard mask overlaps the semiconductor material in PMOS source/drain region. SiGe semiconductor material is e ...

Edward Oscar Rios: High altitude, long endurance, unmanned aircraft and methods of operation thereof. AEROVIRONMENT, Brooks Acordia IP Law P C, Eric Aagaard, August 2, 2016: US09404750 (73 worldwide citation)

Embodiments include one or more high altitude, long endurance (HALE) unmanned aircraft (110) capable of persistent station-keeping having one or more electromagnetic (IR/Visual/RF) sensor elements or suites (112, 337) for purposes of survey and/or signal gathering. Embodiments include one or more hi ...

Mark S Ortiz, Frederick E Shelton IV: Rotary actuatable surgical fastener and cutter. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 2, 2016: US09402626 (56 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices are provided for controlling movement of a working end of a surgical device. In one embodiment, methods and devices are provided for moving an end effector on a distal end of a surgical fastening device. Movement can include rotational movement of the end effector about an axis o ...

Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, David R Richardson, Bradley E Marshall, Christopher L Scofield: Content management. Amazon Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 2, 2016: US09407699 (46 worldwide citation)

A system and method for management and processing of resource requests is provided. A content delivery network service provider determines a class associated with a set of client computing devices and monitors resources requests for the determined class. The content delivery network service provider ...

David R Richardson, John Cormie, Colm MacCarthaigh, Benjamin W S Redman: Latency measurement in resource requests. Amazon Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 2, 2016: US09407681 (46 worldwide citation)

Systems and method for the management and processing of resource requests by a service provider, such as a content delivery network (“CDN”) service provider, on behalf of a content provider are provided. The CDN service provider can measure the performance associated with the delivery of resources t ...

Han Chul Jung, O Jae Kwon, Chang Beom Shin: Object execution method using an input pressure and apparatus executing the same. Samsung Electronics, Jefferson IP Law, August 2, 2016: US09405367 (45 worldwide citation)

An object execution method and apparatus is provided for executing an object based on an input pressure level with a haptic feedback indicative of an attribute of the object. An object execution apparatus may include a display unit, an input unit, and a control unit. The display unit may display at ...

Zhijun Chen, Zihui Li, Nitin K Ingle, Anchuan Wang, Shankar Venkataraman: Highly selective doped oxide removal method. Applied Materials, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, August 2, 2016: US09406523 (38 worldwide citation)

A method of etching doped silicon oxide on patterned heterogeneous structures is described and includes a gas phase etch using partial remote plasma excitation. The remote plasma excites a fluorine-containing precursor and the plasma effluents created are flowed into a substrate processing region. A ...

Angelo L Mazzei, Javier Bustamante: Hover board tricycle. James M Duncan Esq, Klein DeNatale Goldner, August 2, 2016: US09403573 (34 worldwide citation)

An improvement to a hover board provides additional support and balance to an operator of the hover board. The improvement converts a two wheeled hover board, having no structure for an operator to hold onto with the operator's hands, into a three wheeled vehicle with a handle to which an operator m ...

John Shugrue, Ron Moen: Lockout tagout for semiconductor vacuum valve. ASM IP Holding, Snell & Wilmer, August 2, 2016: US09404587 (28 worldwide citation)

A device for limiting travel of a valve including a body removably connected to a transfer module, a vacuum valve, or a reaction chamber, a travel limiting rod passing through the body to engage and limit travel of the valve, and wherein the body includes at least one mounting flange opposite the tr ...

Saar Cohen, Assaf Natanzon, Anestis Panidis, Kadir Ozdemir: Replicating using volume multiplexing with consistency group file. EMC Corporation, Daly Crowley Mofford & Durkee, August 2, 2016: US09405481 (26 worldwide citation)

In one aspect, a method includes replicating a first volume to a consistency group (CG) file on a backup device. The method also includes replicating a second volume to the CG file concurrently with the replicating of the first volume, the first and second volumes being in a consistency group.