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A remote sensing device, system and method is described. The remote sensing device includes an enclosure, a smartphone, and a microcontroller. The smartphone is fixedly coupled to the enclosure. The microcontroller is communicatively coupled to the smartphone. The microcontroller includes a power ma ...

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In a multiple interface, low power and lossy network comprising a plurality of devices, interface options for a source route to minimize self-interferences are desired. The ability to request a interface technology for a device to use with neighboring devices allows multiple transmissions to occur s ...

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Aspects of the present invention relate to head worn computing lighting systems and stray light control.


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A surgical instrument may comprise a drive system that is configured to electrically generate a plurality of discrete rotary control motions. In at least one form, the surgical instrument may include an elongate shaft assembly that is operably couplable to the drive system for receiving a first rota ...

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A method of matching image features with reference features comprises the steps of providing a current image, providing a set of reference features, wherein each of the reference features comprises at least one first parameter which is at least partially indicative of a position and/or orientation o ...

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A touch-sensitive depressible button with multiple depression thresholds is provided. When the button is depressed to a first depression threshold, the touch sensor can be switched from a low-power, non-sensing state to a sensing state. When the button is depressed to a second depression threshold, ...

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A pill dispenser includes a housing, a pill-dispensing mechanism, a receptacle, a pill-viewing camera, an identifying camera, one or more processors, and a storage medium (e.g., a memory). The pill-dispensing mechanism is coupled to an opening of the housing. The first pill-viewing camera is positio ...

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The invention relates methods for time aligning uplink transmissions by a mobile terminal in a mobile communication system, and to methods for performing a handover of a mobile terminal to a target aggregation access point. The invention is also providing apparatus and system for performing these me ...

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The disclosed subject matter relates to a sensor or system for monitoring a target analyte by using a polymer solution that is capable of binding to the analyte. The sensor of the disclosed subject matter includes a viscosity-based sensor or a permittivity-based sensor. The viscosity-based sensor co ...