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Embodiments in the present disclosure may be directed to an off-premises alert system and method for one or more wireless power receivers in a wireless power network. The system and method may include automated software embedded on a wireless power receiver that may be triggered every time a wireles ...

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An apparatus is provided for securing to and collecting power from an electrical conductor, including a current transformer comprising a core and an electrical winding that receives an induced current from magnetic flux generated according to alternating current present on the electrical conductor, ...

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In one embodiment, a node in a network receives communication channel data regarding one or more communication channels available between a particular device in the network and a neighboring device. Each communication channel corresponds to one or more electrical phases over which the particular dev ...

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An apparatus for measuring s-parameters using as few as one pulser and two samplers is described. The apparatus calibrates itself automatically using the internal calibration standards.

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Aspects of the present invention relate to methods and systems for providing a high quality display images in see-through head-worn optics.

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Aspects of the present invention relate to providing see-through computer display optics.

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Integration of sensor chips with integrated circuit (IC) chips. At least a first sensor chip including a first sensor is affixed to a first side of an interposer to hermitically seal the first sensor within a first cavity. An IC chip is affixed to a second side of the interposer opposite the first s ...

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A rotary support joint assembly for coupling a first portion of a surgical instrument to a second portion of a surgical instrument. In various forms the joint assembly includes a first annular race in the first portion and a second annular race in the second portion. The second race is configured fo ...

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Tissue thickness compensators for use with circular surgical staplers. Various tissue thickness compensators are disclosed for deployment between a stapler head of a surgical circular stapler and an anvil attached thereto to accommodate variances in tissue thickness during stapling. Some tissue thic ...

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A tunable plasma etch process includes generating a plasma in a controlled flow of a source gas including NH3 and NF3 to form a stream of plasma products, controlling a flow of un-activated NH3 that is added to the stream of plasma products to form an etch gas stream; and controlling pressure of the ...