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A system and method for enhancing the performance in heterogeneous wireless access networks employing a distributed antenna system is disclosed. A control unit comprises a distributed antenna system management server which collects load information from each of the carriers. The control unit further ...

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Embodiments herein use a real-time closed-loop system to optimize a wireless network. The system includes a drone controlled by a self-organizing network (SON) to retrieve RF data corresponding to the wireless network. In one embodiment, the SON provides the drone with a predetermined path through t ...

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Enclosures for radios, parabolic dish antennas, and side lobe shields are provided herein. A dish antenna includes a parabolic circular reflector bounded by a side lobe shield that extends along a longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a forward direction forming a front cavity, and a sidewall tha ...

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An end effector is disclosed which comprises a first jaw, a second jaw, a staple cartridge, an anvil, and at least one layer positioned intermediate the first jaw and the second jaw. The layer may include a pattern of holding features defined on a tissue contacting surface of the layer. The pattern ...

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LiDAR (light detection and ranging) systems use one or more emitters and a detector array to cover a given field of view where the emitters each emit a single pulse or a multi-pulse packet of light that is sampled by the detector array. On each emitter cycle the detector array will sample the incomi ...

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A method includes detecting a query gesture and actuating, in response to the query gesture, an actuator to provide tactile feedback including information associated with the query gesture. The query gesture may be detected on a touch-sensitive display of a portable electronic device.