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A radio frequency identification (RFID) tower crane load locator and sway indicator includes: a plurality of RFID tags at different locations on or around the crane; at least two RFID readers at different locations on the crane; a navigation satellite system (NSS) position receiver; and a load infor ...

Akito Takegawa: Cymbal mounting assembly. Pearl Musical Instrument Co, Manelli Selter PLLC, Edward J Stemberger, May 31, 2016: US09355625

A cymbal mounting assembly is provided. The cymbal mounting assembly includes a cymbal mounting shaft having an annular groove formed in an outer surface of the cymbal mounting shaft. The cymbal mounting shaft is configured to receive a cymbal. In addition, the cymbal mounting assembly includes a qu ...

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A fuel additive for a gasoline fuel composition, a gasoline fuel composition and a method for reducing wear in a gasoline delivery system of an engine. The fuel additive includes a synergistic mixture of (i) N,N-bis(hydroxyalkyl)-alkylamine, and (ii) an amide reaction product of a hydroxy acid, hydr ...

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A communication system facilitating communication for assisting hearing-impaired users includes an analog telephone adaptor (ATA) device and a communication device. The communication device is configured to route digital voice data between the ATA device and a second communication device during a co ...

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Novel modulators, including antibodies and derivatives thereof, and methods of using such modulators to treat proliferative disorders are provided.

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A technique for allowing members of the same social network using mobile devices to discover others in the vicinity by personal attributes and in specific picture(s) and name for the purpose of connecting, and the ability to use functions provided by a social network such as SMS, e-mail, chat/instan ...

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Video signals for a mobile terminal are converted to accommodate reproduction by an alternative display terminal. The video signal is processed to provide a converted video signal appropriate for an alternative display terminal that is separate from the mobile terminal. This converted video signal i ...

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Optimizations are provided for frame management operations, including a clear operation and/or a set storage key operation, requested by pageable guests. The operations are performed, absent host intervention, on frames not resident in host memory. The operations may be specified in an instruction i ...

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Disclosed are carboxamide compounds, as well as pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use. One embodiment is a compound having the structure in which R1, R2, R3, R4, D, J, Z, T, p, q, w and x are as described herein. In certain embodiments, a compound disclosed herein activates the AMPK pathway ...