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Aspects of the present invention relate to providing see-through computer display optics.

Frederick E Shelton IV: Staple cartridges for forming staples having differing formed staple heights. Ethicon Endo Surgery, May 3, 2016: US09326768 (64 worldwide citation)

A staple cartridge for use with a stapling device that has an actuator that is selectively actuatable in an axial direction and an anvil portion that is selectively movable between open and closed positions is disclosed. Various embodiments of the present invention include a cartridge body that mova ...

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A surgical stapling system is disclosed. The surgical stapling system comprises a housing comprising a motor and a battery configured to supply power to the motor. The surgical stapling system further comprises a firing actuator operably coupled with the motor and a stapling assembly comprising a pl ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, John N Ouwerkerk, Jerome R Morgan: Surgical instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, May 3, 2016: US09326770 (62 worldwide citation)

A surgical fastening instrument is disclosed. The instrument comprises an end effector cartridge assembly, a handle, and a firing member, wherein an electric motor is configured to impart a firing motion to the firing member to eject fasteners from a fastener cartridge of the end effector cartridge ...

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A joy stick control assembly for operating a motor driven surgical instrument. In at least one form, the joystick control assembly comprises a first switch assembly that is movably supported by a housing. The first switch assembly may include a joystick that is movably mounted thereto such that pivo ...

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A physiological sensor has an optic assembly, an acoustic assembly and an attachment assembly. The optic assembly has an optic transducer that is activated so as to transmit a plurality of wavelengths of light into a tissue site and to detect the light after attenuation by pulsatile blood flow withi ...

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A surgical stapling instrument can include a staple cartridge, wherein the staple cartridge includes a cartridge body, a plurality of staples, a cutting member stored therein, and means for covering, enclosing, encasing, and/or protecting the cutting member. In various embodiments, the staple cartri ...

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A packet based switched multimedia network which consolidates networking of high throughput, time sensitive data, and control streams, with Ethernet data networking over home span. The multimedia network may support in parallel, over the same home span cabling infrastructure, high quality networking ...

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A system and method for content distribution are provided. A content provider generates a network topology having one or more subnetworks made up of content sources. The content provider segments content, such as applications, into segments for distribution. The content provider then distributes the ...

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A robotically controlled surgical tool including a lockout mechanism is provided. The surgical tool may comprise an instrument mounting portion. The instrument mounting portion includes a housing, a plate, a shaft assembly comprising an end effector, and a coupler to couple the shaft assembly to the ...