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A system and methods are described which compensate for the adverse effect of Doppler on the performance of DIDO systems. One embodiment of such a system employs different selection algorithms to adaptively adjust the active BTSs to different UEs based by tracking the changing channel conditions. An ...

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A flexible scan element for a laser scanner is disclosed. The flexible can element may be made from a non-linear elastomeric material that twists sufficiently for scan operation but resists unwanted motion from shock/vibration through the use of a rigid motion-limiting member encapsulated, at least ...

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A surgical instrument includes a drive member movable by a drive motor between a home position and an end of stroke. A mechanical stop is disposed at or near the end of stroke and is structured to increase resistance to movement of the drive member from a first position to a second position. A contr ...

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A staple cartridge is disclosed. The staple cartridge comprises a staple cartridge body comprising a first side, a second side, and an elongated slot comprising a first lateral side and a second lateral side. The staple cartridge body further comprises, one, a deck having elevationally offset first ...

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Aspects of the present invention relate to providing see-through computer display optics.

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Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a waveguide system that includes a transmission device having a coupler positioned with respect to a transmission medium to facilitate transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves that transport communications data. The electromagneti ...

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Methods are described herein for etching metal films which are difficult to volatize. The methods include exposing a metal film to a chlorine-containing precursor (e.g. Cl2). Chlorine is then removed from the substrate processing region. A carbon-and-nitrogen-containing precursor (e.g. TMEDA) is del ...

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A plethysmographic respiration processor is responsive to respiratory effects appearing on a blood volume waveform and the corresponding detected intensity waveform measured with an optical sensor at a blood perfused peripheral tissue site so as to provide a measurement of respiration rate. A prepro ...

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A system and method for abdominal surgery is disclosed. The system can have one or more end effectors that can be attached to an introducer and/or tray and inserted into the abdomen through a large puncture through the patient's umbilicus. The end effector can have a surgical tool, such as a grasper ...